The ArmA series aren't just amazing games, they're platforms for a huge variety of experiences: ArmA 2™ gave us realism, WWII and DayZ, to name just a few (even before you open up the editor and make your own). Now, ArmA 3™ is taking us to the future.

We believe all the best experiences begin with a great community. Our regular ArmA 3 sessions, played at 19:20 UK on Tuesdays and Sundays, feature tactical gameplay for 30-40 players with consistent in-game organisation, multi-layered comms and a mix of coop and adversarial missions created by us (most without respawn or revive). However, we're not MilSim: there are no ranks or mandatory training - just friendly people.

Everyone is welcome

You won't need any mods, just the latest non-dev version of ArmA 3 and TeamSpeak 3. There are no applications or tests. We only ask that you read these threads:

Visit our forums for 3+ years of 'after action reviews', watch one of our YouTube channels or play our 2013 highlights:

To get in touch, register on our forums or join our Skype perma-chat. Wherever you end up playing, we hope you'll enjoy playing ArmA games as much as we do.