Tuesday: Now Thursday!

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Tuesday: Now Thursday!

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Greetings, Comrades! How are you? Are you enjoying your time in our socialist agrarian utopia? Yes? Good.

Have you noticed that our Tuesday sessions are somewhat unpopular? Less bodies between you and the enemy bullets? We've noticed too. So, starting later this very month,

Tuesday session is moving to Thursday.

Why, Comrade Commissar?
This is big news so I'll forgive you questioning the Party's orders. This time.
In short: Tuesdays are bad. They have low player counts, which means players don't like coming to them, or find it inconvenient. Players have reported that it's difficult to find time or energy on Tuesdays, especially since they come right after another session on Sunday. So, we're giving the session a bit more space from Sunday, and hopefully landing on a better day.

Don't worry - nothing is happening to Sunday sessions, they're staying right where they are. And nothing else is changing. The session time will still be 19:20 GMT. We will still play several missions per session. And you will still follow your fireteam leader's orders. Won't you?

I don't like Thursdays.
Thursdays are good. The Party says so.
If Thursdays turn out to be worse than Tuesday, we may reconsider. However, moving sessions is a pretty serious change, so we've made this decision after a full investigation and deliberation process. We're confident this will be a change for the better.
And what did I say about questioning the Party's orders?

In accordance with the above,

The first Thursday session will be the 27th of February 2020.

This means there is no Tuesday session on the 25th of February, nor will there be a session on any Tuesday after that date.

We hope to see you, and your friends, there. We'll have slots for you. And perhaps, even a potato.

That is all, Comrades!
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