Vicarious mission making - ideas for Party engineers

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Re: Vicarious mission making - ideas for Party engineers

Post by SuicideKing » Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:54 pm

Quickly going to jot down two more.

4. "Thunderbirds"

- coop/zeus
- infantry platoon + 2x A-10 CAS
- day time but maybe bad weather to make it interesting
- inspiration:

We are NATO. Fight whoever, really, but maybe AAF/CSAT is best.

Situation: Infantry platoon gets ambushed in some town with forests nearby. Calls for help. A-10s fly over to provide CAS runs on incoming infantry, vics and helos. Infantry has to hold out until extract vehicle(s) arrives.

Extraction mechanic: either by AI through Supports module, scripted (CO calls for extract), or Zeus provided. Can be via helicopter or ground vehicles.

Infantry platoon strength: Not sure, probably 2 squads + CO + attachments. I'd expect to fill 1 squad at least. If it's Zeus then of course it's more flexible.

Aircraft: 2x A10s. Could maybe limit the number of guided munitions they have.

I've since come up with an alternative situation (that i like better). FIA have been pushed back by CSAT from Syrta and Zaros, and are holding out in Agios Dionysios. CTRG infantry are scrambled to reinforce them from the airport, which is under NATO control.

Mission will probably be about 40 mins to an hour long. A number of waves will come in. Will probably use a system similar to that used in "Mao, Mao!" to determine victory or defeat. Alternatively, could send in mechanised NATO units to relieve the platoon.

Might even be good to add a UCAV Sentinel for the UAV operator, to let them hunt for mortar teams and in general support CAS.



5. "Bats"

- coop/zeus
- named after
- infantry platoon + 2x Black Wasp CAS + unarmed Sentinel UAV
- Aircraft take off from carrier, UAV operator chills on the carrier.
- night, and maybe fog/bad weather too?
- probably in tanoa?
- F/A-181s get Scalpels instead of Macers, for the laser lock capability.

We are NATO/CTRG. Fight whoever, but probably CSAT (or Syndikat with CSAT support).

Situation: Not completely sure lol. Probably CTRG team doing some sneaky breaky shit. Take out a CSAT SAM site, maybe? Then fight through the jungle (sentinel should help here), some open spaces, find Katyushas being transferred to syndikat, etc. Jets keep aircraft, vehicles, infantry away from our platoon. Alternatively, could be taking over an airport or other important site.

Platoon composition: Standard infantry. Start near the objective so shouldn't have any real transport requirements. Maybe add some demo engineers depending on what you're doing.

Aircraft: 2x Future Hornets + Sentinel.

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Re: Vicarious mission making - ideas for Party engineers

Post by Flying » Thu Jun 21, 2018 12:39 am

No Desserts
A special operations dining team is attacked by AAF forces while serving FIA insurgents at their FOC (Forward Operating Cafeteria). Survive until a QRF force comes from an allied airbase to stabilize the situation.

Type: Coop
Attackers: AAF AI
Defenders: Unmarked Special Operations Cooks, FIA Commandos, Unmarked QRF.

FIA and Cooks are armed with pistols, a couple 5.56 small arms hidden in a cooler, and little ammo. The setting should be a camp within a ruined town/city with a bunch of flattened buildings. The mission's feel should be reminiscent of Weekend Warriors.

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