Upcoming FA GM special event

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Upcoming FA GM special event

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Greetings, comrades!

Do you remember back in 1983 when the socialist agrarian revolution was in full swing? When the Party's T-55s were this close to rolling across the West German border? When the Party's helicopters spread the good word all across the world? Ah, those were the days. Anyway, we're doing an Arma 3 Global Mobilization special event.

Some of you like the Global Mobilization CDLC for Arma 3. Its 1.2 update has recently released, adding helicopters and other cool things, which makes this the perfect time for FA to try it out.
This will not replace a regular session; it is an extra activity. However, we'll be working as if it's a regular session, with original FA missions and the same hosts and times you're used to.

It'll be at the regular session time (19:20 GMT). We're aiming for Saturday the 18th of July, although there are still some fine details to work out.

You will need, at a bare minimum, the free GM compatibility data (for missions using GM assets on vanilla maps). The best way to attend, however, is with the GM CDLC itself, which allows access to the Weferlingen terrain and removes DLC restrictions on vehicles and items.
The event will be held on an FA server using the FA Teamspeak, as usual.

Are we moving to full GM adoption, like Contact?
Not at present. There are some technical issues remaining that make it difficult to switch between GM and GM-free missions on the fly. However, this event can be considered a prototype for a recurring GM session, or potentially future full adoption. If you'd like us to use GM more, show up and tell us!

Also, come to regular sessions. The Party is watching.

That's all for now, comrades. We hope to see you on the battlefield. Don't forget your battle rifle and aviators.
FA missions & session host. Tank appreciater.

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