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Post by NikkoJT » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:14 pm

NATO commandos conduct a raid to weaken enemy defences on Tanoa. (Demo specialist required)

Kotomo & Harcourt, Tanoa - NATO vs CSAT
One squad with short FTs (boats). Blow up AA, cross the Harcourt Strait, and clear Harcourt.

v1: ?
v2: played live.
- Check enemy counts / limit enemy use of heavy weapons
- Investigate F3 ending issue
- Update smoke script with Shado's version (check sleep times)

- Replaced CSAT grenadiers with riflemans.
- Locked Marid and Varsuk.
- Added additional props.
- Updated smoke script to use Shado's version and adjusted sleep times.
- Updated mission to FA3 3.5.0a.
- Reduced available ammunition for Marid and Qilin.
- Repositioned Qilin.
- Added cover to certain areas.
- Improved checkpoint bunker to limit .50 cal field of fire.

v3 issues:
- disallowed character in briefing causes cut off in credits section. (Fixed in files for v4)
- Extra-confirm first Marid is locked

- Fixed briefing.
- Marid extra-confirmed as locked.
- Adjusted some patrol routes so enemies in the town you're supposed to avoid are less likely to respond to attacks on the AA gun.
praise be our lord and saviour 30mm HE

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