[Sun] 28 Jun 2020 (Long Night of Solace)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 28 Jun 2020 (Long Night of Solace)

Post by NikkoJT »

An mean, green 16 desperate measures came along tonight for an evening of living, dying, and living again.

Today, we were led into a GMG ambush by someone who shall not be named; neatly avoided the terror of infinite AI spawning; got stuck in some intense house-to-house fighting with plentiful reinforcements; and finally blew up a power plant despite someone dropping the keyboard on the floor.

These missions were: All players, and especially team leaders, are reminded that a new set of informational channels have been added to our Discord in the TTP_FA channel group. Read and learn, comrades.

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Re: [Sun] 28 Jun 2020 (Long Night of Solace)

Post by stonie »

Great session as always.

Once More, With Feeling [Co-op]
I reincarnated reinforced twice in this mission. The first time at the barn I got hit out of nowhere. According to R3 i got headshotted by an enemy standing inside the barn while I was standing on the opposite side outside the door. However, there should've been a lot of wall between us.
The first reinforment wave didn't go so well and ultimately I got hit by an enemy outside the building we were taking. (Also sorry Gertr there might have been a small mishap as can be seen @39:41. However, R3 blames Costnos for killing you, so I'm going with that and say that he made me do it)
The second reinforcement went better, or at least we managed to complete mission in time

Another note:
I'm pretty sure the AI is wallhacking, and using an Aimbot


Operation Trojan [Co-op]
This mission went surprisingly well. Although, we played this mission so often already, thanks to the different approach it took me a long time to recognise which mission we were playing. Instead of taking the direct approach via the street, we startet from the back by going over the hill. In the end, a GMG nearly got most of our fireteam but we managed to take it out.

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