[Tue] 4 July 2017 (Fireworks of some sort)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 4 July 2017 (Fireworks of some sort)

Post by Costno » Tue Jul 04, 2017 9:46 pm

19 people put down their corndogs and firecrackers long enough to die a few times in Arma.
We started with a couple missions which featured helicopters. The first involved an improbably long crawl across 200 meters of beach before a quick extraction. The second involved a brave helicopter pilot rescuing the squad leader who, after losing all other 13 members of his squad and 2 helicopters, managed to take out the final VIP. Next we skirmished quickly and did a MOUT exercise which went swimmingly until someone killed a hostage...

  • Bees
  • Fleet Foxes (Aircraft Carrier doesn't work on Malden edition)
  • Skirmish Stratis
  • No Quarter
  • Rally Malden
  • Combat Patrol

Rejoice comrade! No longer should you fear forgetting the events of missions, as the party keeps excellent records of all instances of friendly-fire glory!
FTL - "So...? Do we have any plan?"
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Re: [Tue] 4 July 2017 (Fireworks of some sort)

Post by darkarchon » Wed Jul 05, 2017 7:56 am

I can only really comment on Bees.

Tried myself as CO/ASL. Unlike other plays of the map we approached from the East instead of the "secure" West, which proved more difficult than expected. After an alternative landing since the original LZ proved hot and some minor bounding we were faced with a ton of enemy soldiers all over the place. A2 was the breaching team, A1 was giving them a BOF so they could """safely""" enter the city from the East.
A2 managed to get their soldiers in without taking any real casualties, when two Gorgons suddenly approached from the north and also several enemy fireteams. A1 and A2 tried their best to fight off the Gorgons, which failed spectacularly resulting in the loss of all AT assets and one still alive Gorgon, which also decimated the Sniper team. Or rather the Sniper, but that doesn't make much of a difference. At some point also one of our THs went down for reasons which can only be described as a technical failure.
After a slow crawl over the beach and trying their best to fend off EI coming from all sides and with one Gorgon attacking relentlessly, A1 and A2 found themselves in a very much surrounded situation. A suicidal charge by the ASL and several revives later the Gorgon was successfully destroyed by a heroically placed satchel charge. Finally A1s FTL managed to grab a Strider and planted the charges on the two main targets, destroying them both. A quick extraction by the one remaining TH later, A1 found themselves back in the base. A2 had to drive in the Strider and A1s heroic FTL had to get a transporter and drive it to extraction.
Most have survived the onslaught and A1 came out fully unharmed.

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