[Tue] 11 July 2017 (Malden Party!)

How we died (in the future)

[Tue] 11 July 2017 (Malden Party!)

Postby SuicideKing » Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:05 am

19 comrades played shooty-shooty-bang-bang in today's session.

What did we play, you ask?

  • Escape 10 Malden

Mission makers, leadership elements and everyone else who's interested in how the missions played out is encouraged to check out http://server.folkarps.com/r3/ for a 2D recording and playback of each mission.
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Re: [Tue] 11 July 2017 (Malden Party!)

Postby crustycuffs » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:22 pm

For fa3-c23-rlm-part2 remember that one enemy who got in the technical "behind us" in the garage?

The sneaky git crept in right early on in the mission, and used it rambo style to take out me, Red Paddy and Stonie shortly after at close range

Check here http://server.folkarps.com/r3/492/fa3-c23-rlm-part2-v2 at the 3:39 mark, and look to the east of Crustycuffs.

Maybe that door should be locked!
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