[Sun] 13 Aug 2017 (On no, it broke)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 13 Aug 2017 (On no, it broke)

Post by Aqarius » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:34 pm

24 nameless, faceless, and by now lifeless braves fought with the Third to-day! Rest assured, their names shall not be forgotten!
  • Saint Louis
  • Reveille
  • Templeola
  • Idiots II
  • The Golden Goisse
  • Rally Moddergat
  • Racethunder XL
As always, comments are most welcome below. Also, if you have a nice story be sure to tell it. Videos are always much appreciated, and will be appropriated by our propaganda departement if you tell us about them.

Check out the replays here. The Party sees everything, comrade. :cop: http://server.folkarps.com/r3/

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