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Re: [Sat] Aug 30 [V+] (The Best & The Last)

Posted: Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:20 pm
by WrathzRevenge

You gotta love those Hinds.

Re: [Sat] Aug 30 [V+] (The Best & The Last)

Posted: Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:54 pm
by Mr-Link
There is not much else to be said....the last session was amazing. Taking on t-80s with our adorable little M60 was wonderful.

Dancemoox, Satire, you guys are the best. Thanks for all your work. I fully expect to be having V+ withdrawal syndromes this Saturday.

Till the next time.

Re: [Sat] Aug 30 [V+] (The Best & The Last)

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:57 am
by Thirith
I missed this one, having been away on holiday for three weeks and only returning on Sunday. *major sadface* Thanks a lot to the people who ran the V+ sessions, the participants and everyone who made the couple of sessions I joined great fun.

Re: [Sat] Aug 30 [V+] (The Best & The Last)

Posted: Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:11 pm
by Denel
My apologies for the delayed reply, but I would also like to pass on my thanks to the hosts for all their efforts each session and behind the scenes.

Thanks in particular to Satire for helping me when I made my one and only mission and getting it onto the server.

As others have said V+ has been the most fun I've had in A2 and it was good to go out on a high in this last session. I'll be taking an extended absence from the A3 sessions until the middle of October due to work commitments, so have fun all.