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Some comrades believe they can touch the sky

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Welcome to the FA DCS Airlines sub-forum.

Post by SuperU » Fri Nov 07, 2014 10:01 pm

Welcome Comrade! *hurriedly pins wings onto comrades chest*

What? I didn't ask for this, where am I?
Why Comrade you are at the parties most elite fighter school, Top Gun. moderate institution of flight for DCS World!

Right... so what does that mean?
Quite simple! It means we are a group of people with an interest in flight sim (More specifically, military flight sim) that want to get together and have some airborne fun!

But I can't even fly!
Neither can I! We are currently focusing on building up to a level of flight where we don't crash! The idea is to play with more experienced pilots who want to help other players grow. To put it simply, we don't mind! We are happy spending time teaching people the ropes. (Going over the basics is great practice for all!)

This sounds interesting, when do we fly?
We have currently penned in Saturday evenings at 20:00 Uk Time.

What do I actually need to play?
  • A copy of DCS World its free! We will be looking to fly in the beginning the Flaming Cliffs 3 module and the A10c, however if all you have is the free SU25 module we can work with that too!
  • Teamspeak 3 (if you play arma you should already have this!)
  • You really could do with a joystick to play well, although people have been known to use game pads in the past.
  • Track Ir but this is really only optional.

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