The basics of leadership

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The basics of leadership

Post by IceRaiser » Fri Jul 19, 2013 12:16 am

WARNING: This thread was created when we used the old Folk ARPS [2012] Platoon, so some aspects may be out of date. An updated version of the opening post will be created soon. For details of the current platoon, please read: What is the Folk ARPS 2015 Platoon?

Papa IceRaiser, I want to know how to be a leader and not have my men ragequit die too fast!
Look no further, child. Here's a quick little manual that informs you of everything you need to know!

Your job is to create the Battle Plan that will lead your side to victory.
To help you succeed you have one or more Squads and maybe even some attachments.
Each Squad requires about 100-200 meters of space to function proper.
Each Squad has a Squad Leader who you communicate with using Command Chat(CC on TS).
You DO NOT order the Squads individual FireTeams around, that's a job for the SL.

Squad Leader
Your job is the follow the orders given to you by Command.
To help you succeed you, generally, have two+ four(4) man FireTeams to move around.
Each FT requires about 20-65 meters of space to function proper.
You communicate with your FT Leaders using Teamspeak, and the CO using Command Chat(CC on TS)
You DO NOT order the Individual Soldiers around, that's the FTL's job.

FireTeam Leader
Your job is to follow the orders given to you by the Squad Leader.
You have 3 men, apart from yourself, to move around and utilize as best as you can as per the SL's orders.
Each Rifleman requires about 1-20 meters of space to function proper.
You communicate with your Squadleader using Teamspeak, and your men using Group Channel.
As you are the lowest man with any command authority, it is your job to relay any info that the SL(s) or CO might need via your SL.

Attachment Lead(MMG, MAT, SAM, Engie, etc)
Your job is to follow the orders given to you by the CO and/or the SL you are attached to.
It's generally just the two of you, which makes it easier to move you around but at the same time you might lack the firepower of a full FireTeam.
You communicate with your CO via Channel Commander, your SL via TS and your Assistant via Group. (If you're NOT attached to a Squad then CC should suffice).

So, let's put this into practice.
The mission
Attack the sleepy town of Nadezhino.

The CO makes a plan; Alpha is to move in from the North and provide a BOF, as well as covering the Northern road in case any reinforcements arrive.
Bravo is to move in from the West and clear the town, while keeping an eye South.

A simple map with markers would look something like this. -=|[]|=- Now the Squad Leaders break it down to where they want to place their FireTeams.
Image. Image
A1+A2 gets to be the main Dakka-Dakka elements while A3 will be the flank cover and also watch the road.
B1+B2 will be the main assault elements while B3 hides hold at the barn, providing some fire support but also covering South-West.

Now that the CO has placed his Squads and the SL's have placed their FireTeams, it's up to the FTL's to place their soldiers with the SL's intent(marker) in mind.
(Click the images for a larger one)
A1 FTL Decides to put his guys at the edge of the forest to give them as much visibility as possible. AR gets a big tree, AT and AAR gets a big tree and a pine tree for concealment.
The FTL himself hides a fair bit behind his men, behind a bullet-eating tree.
A2 FTL Puts his men on a nice line, making sure that the AR and AAR are close to eachother, while having the AT a bit off to the side to help spot from a different angle.
The FTL himself stand close behind with good overwatch of his men and the target.
A3 FTL puts his AR and AAR in the same tree, going for the "Buddy Team" approach and having them cover East, while the AT gets to cover the Northern Road.
The FTL himself watches South and is ready to turn and support if anyone sees a contact.

This lineup will look like this on the map (Editor). Note that the FTL's placed their Riflemen close to the marker but in a spot that makes their job easier.

Image Image
Image Image
B1 FTL leaves the AR at a good overwatch position, pushing up the AAR and AT and positioning himself at the flank but still with the Team.
Should they require a bounding movement, The front AAR/AT are responsible for finding a spot for both persons.
B2 FTL as kind of put his FT in an Echelon(L) formation, with the AAR up front acting as a scout, the AT ready to back him up and the AR gets a nice free field of fire.
The FTL stands at a safe distance behind, but can still see about as much as his Team and guide the fire.
B3 FTL split is Team in two, as to provide some support to B2's movement as well as cover South-West. The AR+AAR(Team Blue) supports, while the FTL+AT covers.
This is a simple way to hold a building and if another Team was to come in, Blue would shift to Red and the Team would only bother with their side of the building.

Bravo's lineup looks like this(cut at the blue lines)

A communications example we could use from this is from the CO all the way down to a Buddy Team(same colors).

CO -> BSL (CC) Bravo, proceed to Bravo marker, stand by to assault the town.
BSL -> CO (CC) Bravo copies, moving.
BSL -> Bravo (TS) Ok Bravo, we're gonna move up towards the town from the west. It's downhill at first but I'm hoping the trees will cover us. (pause)
Bravo 1 and 2 I want you to move with eachother towards the town stop at the B1+2 markers, Bravo 3 take up position at the barn and focus on the South, assist B2 if you can.
B1 FTL -> BSL (TS) Bravo 1 copies. B2 FTL -> BSL (TS) Bravo 2 copies. B3 FTL -> BSL (TS) Bravo 3 copies.
BSL -> All Bravo (TS) OK good. Bravo 3 move out, Bravo 1+2 forward at walking pace.
B1+2+3 FTL's -> BSL (TS) Copy/Moving/Roger. *Bravo 3 gets to the barn*
B3 FTL -> BSL (TS) Bravo 3 is at the barn.
B3 FTL -> B3 (Group Chat) Kay boys, Blue Team take the northern corner and help Bravo 2 when they move, Red Team's gonna take the Southern Corner. Let's kick ass.
B1/2 FTL -> BSL (TS) Bravo 1/2 are in position.
BSL -> Bravo (TS) OK bravo, hold position for now. We're waiting the go ahead from Command. On my Go, B1 and B2 will push to the wall at the first compound, bounding within your FireTeams while B3 stays and provides support.
CO -> ASL (CC) Alpha, Engage at will
CO -> BSL (CC) Bravo, move in. Alpha's providing suppressive fire.
BSL -> CO (CC) Copy, Bravo moving.
BSL -> Bravo (TS) Bravo, GO GO GO!
B1 FTL -> B1 (Group) Blue cover, Red MOVE!

Another note on communications is that when several FireTeams are expected to respond, the First one always answers first, then the Second one, lastly the Third.
So if Bravo SL wants to know if any of his FireTeams have any RPG's left, Bravo 1 answers first - Bravo 3 last.
Unless Bravo 1 is quiet for about 5 seconds, then Bravo 2 can go ahead.

This helps with the confusion of having the Third FireTeam answer at the same time as the Second one and 10 seconds later the First one answers.

But Papa IceRaiser, I don't feel informed!
Wait, what to you mean "I don't feel informed"? Do I need to get Uncle Ferrard in here?! No? Good. Carry on.
And remember: This is just the basics. Feel free to expand/change or try new things.

OK, OK, I'll go ahead and try the FTL slot.
Wonderful! Now go forth and read Black Mamba's take on the FTL role.

The distance to the target is really shortened to fit it all in small pictures.

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Re: The basics of leadership

Post by Ferrard Carson » Fri Jul 19, 2013 4:05 am

A most capital guide, Comrade IceRaiser! I hope you don't mind that The Party appropriates this fine work of intellectual property and redistributes it to all glorious comrades? After all, sharing is caring, and we are a collective, after all!

(a.k.a., Operation Epoxy-to-the-Wall is a go!)

~ Not-Ferrard >.>
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Re: The basics of leadership

Post by Wilson » Fri Jul 19, 2013 3:17 pm

Nice little guide Ice. I have to say everyone has their own style of leadership and only certain people suit specific roles. It's not just tactical knowledge that makes a good CO/SL/FTL in ArmA, it's also confidence.

Being relied upon by player counts that can reach 70+ is somewhat daunting for me in terms of ever COing a mission. Maybe that will change in the future but I'm sure other people feel the same which is probably why we only ever really get the same group of guys COing.

To be honest reading this has given me some pointers on FTLing, regarding formations, only ever seem to deploy a line ingame haha.

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