Tactical Battlefield

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Medic Eugene Roe
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Tactical Battlefield

Post by Medic Eugene Roe »

Just to start off, not sure if this should be in Arma 3 discussion or other games since this doesn't have anything to do with FA.

http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.p ... dification

Mod got updated recently it seems. It's basically PR for Arma 3, until they PR team have finished. I think it's grand because we don't see too many adversarials, personally. Not outside of organized play anyway.

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Re: Tactical Battlefield

Post by Mojo »

Its a cool Large-scale PvP mod but thats all it is. Being a mutated PR:A2 is "interesting" to say the least and some of the features should have been in the game from the getgo. I dont play PvP myself but larger communities could have a good mid-way solution while they wait for something better.
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Re: Tactical Battlefield

Post by head »

Played this for a while, should go back to it , quite fun when the servers are filled. ( need a full FA team tho)

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Re: Tactical Battlefield

Post by vorrin »

I've been playing quite a bit of this lately, it's pretty great, and the community is quite friendly (well, some rare times no one speaks, that sucks a bit, but most times everybody talks) and will help you out, and there's a nice installer that removes most of the pain from the installation, probably quite a few people here would enjoy it, it's definitely the best working public multiplayer mod I found... part of it is probably because the whole community is about 100 people, but still, the EU server is quite full (ie. currently 57 people) every evening.

Also it being uniquely PVP definitely puts you in often interesting positions.

If anyone is interested in playing and needs an introduction or something, feel free to get in touch, I'm ®|Vorrin on steam.

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