Permitted (optional) client-side addons

What you really need to know about Folk ARPS and ArmA 3
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Permitted (optional) client-side addons

Post by fer » Mon Jun 30, 2014 11:38 am

Are any of the addons listed on this page required?
No. all addons listed on this page are optional. You can choose to use all, some, or none of them in an FA ArmA 3 session.

Can I use any client-side addon in an FA session?
No. We are currently white-listing addons on the ArmA 3 server. Only the addons listed and linked to in this post are permitted (the server will not let you connect with other addons).

Permitted (optional) ArmA 3 client-side addons:

Available through Steam Workshop Not on Steam Workshop
  • TAO Fold Map - Allows you to view a quarter-size map on the move.
  • Ciaran's Apex LMG mag fix (Allows you to load 30rnd mags into the Apex LMGs)
  • Push-to-hear - temporarily lower game sounds on key press
  • FA_gps+ (by Head) - Returns the gps to the old ways in a2
  • FA_map - Defaults to white contour map instead of terrain map
  • FA_warname (by Head)- changes the names of the in-game weapons to their real life counterparts
Optional TeamSpeak 3 addons:
  • CrossTalk - allows you to add distortion and duck channels on TS3
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Re: Permitted (optional) client-side addons

Post by audiox » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:55 am

Automated Folk ARPS mod repository
Folk ARPS does maintain a repository for Swifty, a highly recommended and very lightweight tool to keep mods up to date and in synchronization with our server.

The Repository contains the following mods :
  • CBA
  • TAO Foldmap
  • Digital Compass Display
  • Cyprus Push To Hear
  • FA GPS
  • FA MAP
  • Mag Repack
  • Extra Zeus Compositions by austin_medic
  • FIA Placeable as OPFOR/INDFOR