Upcoming Tanks DLC missions

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Upcoming Tanks DLC missions

Post by NikkoJT » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:14 pm

On the 11th of April, Tanks DLC will release, adding new vehicles and other content to Arma 3.
Much of this content is already present on the Dev and RC branches, meaning we can make missions with it ahead of time, although they can't be tested on the server until Tanks reaches general release.

I am preparing the following missions for testing and release with Tanks DLC:

fa3_cz32_kaiju (Tanoa)
Similar mission to Shield & Sword - NATO AT platoon composed of infantry and the new Rhino MGS assaults through Zeus-controlled territory.

fa3_c22_noisemakers (Tanoa)
NATO heliborne infantry take on a variety of CSAT targets. Makes use of the new AT launchers.

fa3_cz??_bears (Altis)
Classic Tank Zeus mission featuring the new T-140 Angara in the hands of the Russians.
Due to scheduling issues it's possible that "Bears" may not be released in the initial wave. But it's still happening!

fa3_c20_stand_alone (Tanoa)
One-squad mission featuring a Nyx AT hunting a T-140 in Georgetown. Ghost in the Shell themed.

I'm also planning a mission tentatively titled "Wild Weasels" featuring the new AWC Nyx, but don't have a detailed layout yet. no but flying is

Additionally, the existing missions "Fury" and "Shield & Sword" will be receiving new slots with Tanks DLC vehicles.

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