[SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

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[SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

Post by tryteyker » Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:40 pm

Hey folks,
so as some of you know from Skype Chat I sat down today and worked on a mission, a pretty big one actually. It'll occupy me for some time I suppose.
As of now the beginning is somewhat in the game, and a bit more.
I'll be as detailed as possible below to give you a sense of things.

(This is WIP)
The year's 2040, and Iranian and NATO Forces have worked together to occupy Stratis, which is an island. (No specifications here because you know)
The NATO has been recieving the bigger parts of the island, but the Iranians are playing a key role in helping maintain stability on the island.
Due to the situations occurring on the island, most of the civilian population have left (so I don't strain performance too much with ambient civilians everywhere).
You are an Iranian Soldier assigned to a local guardpost which covers the Northern Shores of Stratis.
(This part below can obviously be changed anytime, but the above is just the backstory).
A couple of NATO Soldiers have however been attacking the civilian population, and they are based off Camp Roagan (or however you spell it). You are out for revenge as none of this has been acknowledged by anybody, but you will have to find a way to do this without gear.

Currently in the game
You start at the Kill Farm, which is an improvised outpost occupied by the Iranian Government. You're a regular Rifleman so far.
To start, end your shift by talking to your Teamleader (you'll be guided to him via map). Move to the gearboxes to the right of the Farm and take off your weapons first (important), then your vest, binoculars, goggles, headgear etc. No need to take off your uniform because you'll end up naked :P

If you do not take off your weapons you'll be shot on the way out. However it's entirely possible to leave with weapons.
If you decide to play nice and leave your weapons, you can take the pick up and drive down the road.

The above should be tested extensively, look for any weird things happening (especially in regards to the Teamleader shooting at you, see if he shoots you through walls or anything like that).
The second phase is below.
You'll meet an OPFOR roadblock. I suggest you dismount if you have no weapons and look around. You can interact with some people, make use of it. (It's the Medic, but so far it's only a randomized dialogue).
If you talk to the medic you might end up lucky. The whole conversation is randomized and you might be lucky, or not. There are about 6 paths the conversation can take so far.
You get rejected instantly
The Medic listens to you, but rejects you later
The medic listens, accepts, but does not trust you
The medic listens for a short time and rejects you.
The medic doesn't know what you're talking about and rejects you.
The medic gives you a task, journal and afterwards the location of a cache. (WIP)

The task, journal and caches are not added yet but I'd like everybody to test the conversation aswell. If there are any errors (-showscripterrors) please drop me a pm or post here and I'll fix these.

Afterwards you are free to go down the road and explore the BLUFOR Traffic Checkpoint Alpha. I'd like to know if there's anything I should consider there (it is a site but infact there are lots of pre-placed objects there). So far you can't do anything there however I'd like to test a few things:

Crash against the Hunter to the right of the barrier (you won't get any hostilty through this yet). Tell me if the guy behind it got ragdolled / killed or if your car is stopped by the Hunter.
Crash against the safety barrier. See if it move or if you die.
Drive through as fast as you can, see if anything happens.

The goal with this is that the guy behind the Hunter is not supposed to die through a crash. The safety barrier can bend, but shouldn't flip over.

This is everything in the game so far.

If you want to help out test the mission, please drop me a PM. I will send you the .stratis file (no pbo) and you will have to preview it in the editor.
I will start sending out the .stratis files via PM to the people who volunteer here or by sending me a PM in the evening, as I get home late tonight.

Development / Notes etc

Added shifts for Traffic Checkpoint Alpha, still needs testing.
Adjusted time.
Finished medic conversation and following things. It's basically a storyline of it's own now, but still focused on the player.
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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.1

Post by Kefirz » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:52 am

I'm interested.
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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.1

Post by tryteyker » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:48 am

I'll be updating the main topic here from time to time (now aswell because I wrote it all in a hurry)

Updated main topic.

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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

Post by Lord Penney » Sun Mar 10, 2013 8:08 pm

Been doing some bug hunting and this is what I've found so far:

SERGEANT HATES MY HAIRSTYLE - In task 2 ( put gear in 'locker' ) sergeant will turn hostile towards, but not pursue, PC as soon as objective is met; i.e. when vest and helmet are removed. This does not occur if the PC already discards gear AND weapons before speaking to sergeant.

GOT ANY GUNS? GO FISH - If main rifle is discarded and the PC attempts to 'holster side arm', the PC will start to swim in mid air unable to move and will have to reload. If this is done immediately at the start and the user reloads, the PC will spawn normally but will look through binoculars.

GTA - PC can drive BLUFOR vehicles without retaliation.

JUKEBOX BLUES - Playing with @MJB active provides a noticeable, but not unplayable, FPS drop when driving vehicles. Side note: there is no music, I was unsure if this was intentional.

That's all the bugs for now. Also, I know this is only V0.2 and you simply haven't got 'round to polishing yet, but I thought I'd include some things to consider:

- When the PC greets the sergeant, he wishes him a good evening even though it is 11:30 AM.

- The crowd of OPFOR at the junction where the PC starts are awkwardly positioned, therefore the PC must drive around them.

- The 'lockers' do not have a task marker to guide the PC to them. They are also awkwardly placed.

- It is not clear to the PC to attack Camp Rogain.

- The PC's motivation to attack Camp Rogain is unclear.

- It seems odd that BLUFOR have a checkpoint (alpha) so close to OPFOR.

- It is unclear why BLUFOR do not engage PC on sight.

That's you lot from me, I'll keep testing them as they come.

Best of luck.


Before writing this I did not read the thread, of which has answered a few questions already. However, I hope you still found this useful.

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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

Post by tryteyker » Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:45 pm

Thanks for the feedback. The 11AM stuff is just for testing and it's supposed to be like 11PM. Just did this due to testing shifts.
I suggest you remove weapons before removing your vest etc as so far the removal of the vest, glasses and the goggles trigger it. After that you have 10 secs to holster your sidearm if you decide to keep it.

I have no idea why you spawned in the water when holstering your sidearm :O I'll look into it.

To clear things up a bit, BLUFOR AND OPFOR ARE NOT HOSTILE TOWARDS EACHOTHER. Keep that in mind. :P
I am working on a logical backstory and such but for now I want to get core elements down into the mission.

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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

Post by Lord Penney » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:02 pm

Ah, well that would explain why they aren't shooting me. BLUFOR and OPFOR working together? What kind of sick future is this?!
Seriously though, it's an original idea; and you're right to make the mission first and background second, don't mind me I'm just pointing out all that I can. :D

Also, holstering your sidearm doesn't spawn you in the water; it plays the static swimming animation, and you cannot get out of it until you reload.
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Re: [SP / Testing required] Revenge v 0.2

Post by tryteyker » Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:06 pm

Ah yes, that. I noticed that too but I haven't found a suitable workaround for it. Maybe switchMove ""; will help, I'll test tomorrow.

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