Unit Loadout

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Unit Loadout

Post by IceRaiser » Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:01 pm

With only a month to go and the weapons list being somewhat finalized it's time to look at what each unit should get.
(Within budget, of course)
I'll start off with a few (weapons only), but without proper names/"IDs" since this computer lacks A3 :psyduck:

CO / SL / FTL - Basicly the same as the F2 equiv.
MX GL (holo sight?) with HE, smoke and flares.

Automatic Rifleman - Since there's only and LMG in game and the Real World going towards larger cap. mags and more carbine-like support weapons(Like the IAR):
MX SW, holo/red dot sight, and Pistol (P07 is it?)
Three 100rd mags and two 100rd Tracer mags.
With backpacks on he could get a small assault pack with four 100rd mags, unless we keep it with the AAR.

Assistant AR - Same as F2, but A3 :P
MX Rifle with a holo sight.

Anti Tank (dude) - Trying to achieve the same as F2, with the notable exception that the rockit doesn't steal inventory space in A3
MX Rifle with holo/red dot sight.
NLAW (PCML) with 1-2 rockets, depending if they're lock-on or not.

Vector PDW/SMG!


MX Carbine or Rifle
Titan launcher with appropriate ammo(AT/AA)

Medium Machine Gunner - Since A3 seems to lack a proper machinegun, the MMG will haul the LMG Mk.200 and will probably have to move around more than our A2 MMG has.
Mk.200 LMG.
Enough magazines to level a small parking lot.

Sniper: M320 or M14 EBR(ABR)
Spotter: MX Marksman with the RCO or ARCO(?)

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Re: Unit Loadout

Post by Kefirz » Sun Aug 11, 2013 7:54 pm

Is there a plan implementing mines in our games? For engineers and such, maybe.
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