Long lost BAS music found ...

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Long lost BAS music found ...

Post by fer » Thu Apr 28, 2016 12:23 pm

Comrades ... in a time before the socialist agrarian revolution, when comrade Tigershark was still enthralled by M4s with too many attachments to list, there was a very special addon team for OFP: Ballistic Addon Studios (which comrade Tigershark founded). Next time you ride into battle on the bench of a Pawnee, consider that there's a direct line from that asset to the Littlebird addon first created by BAS. Yep.

Amongst the many wonderful things that BAS accomplished, the music for its trailer videos and missions was one of my favourite things. That music was created by a talented Australian artist, Cassandra G. I've kept copies of the music files for over a decade, but without permission from Cassandra I wasn't able to make them available, and for a long time I didn't have a way to get in touch with her. Today, thanks to the Party's extensive use of mass surveillance technologies the magic of the internet, I'm absolutely delighted to inform you that we have permission to use them in our Folk ARPS missions. You can download the mp3 files in a pack here:

http://www.folkarps.com/downloads/cassa ... ndtrack.7z

You can hear some of Cassandra's more recent tracks on her SoundCloud pages - head over there and show her stuff some love (but please note that we have permission to use the BAS tracks only). Personally, I am loving this track. It's making my imprisonment retirement courtesy of the Bodgists and Prime Minister Netkev bearable very enjoyable. As always, Prime Minister Netkev has my full support.

xoxo Kim-Il-Fer

PS If you're one of our comrade videographers and would like to use the music in a propaganda film, please reach out to comrade Tigershark or me in advance.

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Re: Long lost BAS music found ...

Post by AJAX » Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:28 pm

Ballistic add-on Studios! Creators of my favorite operation Flashpoint content! BAS was bad-ass. So cool you kept the audio files. Did the music come backed with the mod pbo? I probably still have all those add-ons as well.

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