V+ Returns! - Good News Everyone!

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V+ Returns! - Good News Everyone!

Post by dancemoox » Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:59 pm

I hear there is some exciting news. What is this news?
Our brave explorers have returned from lands beyond Vanilla. This mysterious continent was once lost to us, but has been rediscovered recently at great cost in men and materials lost. This land is called V+

Wait a moment, didn’t V+ end?
The Politburo has no record of such an incident, comrade.

Er ... of course! Well, I’m new here and am yet to attend an indoctrination camp. What is this V+?
V+ is the Folk ARPS you know and love, but with a little extra to keep things interesting. Namely ACRE for your radio communications needs and new exciting lands in need of agrarian revolutions.

How do I take part in this exciting new adventure?
Starting next Friday 20th September Comrade Pr3sario and Comrade dancemoox shall be hosting new sessions starting at 8pm UK Time. Please consult these pages for more information on getting yourself ready for V+:
Wait, I have more questions!
If you have questions ask them in the FA Skype chat or fire off a PM via the forums. Now, dust off your old 343 and jump into the action in the exciting distant lands!
ramming speed!