Vanilla+: Installing the Modpack with PlayWithSix

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Vanilla+: Installing the Modpack with PlayWithSix

Post by Satire » Sat May 31, 2014 1:41 pm

Since there are umpteen ways to install mods for Arma 2, it can get a bit tricky if you have issues. As such we have written this guide to installing the V+ modpack using PlaywithSix, which is our recommended (i.e. if you use something else you're on your own) way of installing the V+ pack.

0) If you are using a Steam copy of Arma 2, go into the Betas tab of the game properties menu in steam and select version 1.62. It's what our server runs.

1.) Install PlaywithSix. PW6 does a fair bit of auto-setup and should detect all copies of Arma installed on your computer. It will subdivide A2/OA/Combine Operations. You need to have Combined Operations selected for this to work

2.) At the bottom of the navigation menu (might need to scroll down) select "add repo"

3.) Put pws:// in the box and add url.

4.) Wait for the new repository to populate/download

5.) There should be a little grey arrow at the left of the server name. This should give a new option called "Folk ARPS vanilla + session server" or similar. Double click this. It may need to update (orange button in bottom left).

6.) Right click this and select clone collection. You should now have a new collection, with our modpack, CBA_CO, ACRE, JayArma2Lib and our version of the A2 Beta. You can launch A2 from this and connect to our server as usual.

7.) If you want to add other clientside mods (like JSRS) then create a blank collection, drag the mods from the V+ server preset into it and add your own extras.
And now for ACRE, the old instructions work fine so here they are

Our old instructions on installing ACRE work fine so here they are. Note that PW6 may have automatically put the ACRE files into your TS folder for you already.
6. Install/Troubleshoot ACRE.
This is where it starts to get a little bit more fiddly.

Please be aware that Teamspeak 3 version 3.0.13 and above removed direct input and may not be compatible with / break ACRE functions. Previous versions are still compatible - download Here

First of all, you’re going to need to find the shortcut with which you launch Teamspeak, open the properties page and go to the “Compatibility” tab (selected at the top of the window). Tick the bottom box, “Run this program as an administrator”.

Secondly, you need to ensure that Six Updater has correctly installed the ACRE plugin. To do this, open up the “Settings - Plugins” menu, from the top-bar of Teamspeak [5]. If a plugin called “ACRE Plugin” is listed, in black text, the plugin has been correctly installed. If it is in red, you’ll need to manually install it.

To do this, go to your @ACRE folder, located in your root ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead folder, and move in all the files in the “addons\plugin” folder into your “Teamspeak 3\plugins” folder. Your Teamspeak 3 folder is likely located in “C:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3”.

Thirdly, you’ll need to change a few options in your hotkey settings. Open up the “Settings - Options” menu from before, located on the top bar of Teamspeak 3. In the next window, click the “Hotkeys” icon, on the left side of the screen, 9th icon down, and follow the instructions in this screenshot.

Finally, open up your playback settings menu (Settings - Options - Playback button on the left side), and tick the box "Always set clients 3D positions when available", shown in this screenshot.

7. Change your hotkey settings to “Direct Input”.
In the Teamspeak window, click “Settings”, on the top-bar, and then click “Options”, the bottom option of the drop-down that should have appeared. In the next window, click the “Hotkeys” icon, on the left side of the screen, 9th icon down, and follow the instructions in this screenshot.
Regarding A2 betas, because the new versions only come from steam we are using an old version on the server. This is to prevent comrades on non-steam copies from being left out of the fun. We are currently using this version of the beta.
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