Vanilla+: Creating Missions

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Vanilla+: Creating Missions

Post by Cam » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:20 pm

How do I make a mission, for use with the Vanilla+ session?
Firstly, you’ll need to download F2, the Folk ARPS created framework used for all FA sessions.

Download Link

Sounds good, what’s the mission naming prefix?

fam_: The prefix for all missions made for V+/mod sessions, to separate them from the non-mod missions.

co24_: The type of mission, followed by the playercount.
  • co = A cooperative mission, played against AI.
    adv = An adversarial mission, played with two-three teams of players, pitted against each other.
    ai = Puppeteer missions, or missions with a mixture of AI and players.
As an example, a mission called "Eagle Freedom", for 28 players, played against AI and on it's first version would be given the name:


How would I port over a mission used in ordinary Folk sessions, and intended for Vanilla, to work with a Vanilla+ session?
If it was a mission running F2 2.7.1 or earlier, you would need to add the ACRE modifications included in the latest F2, located in the init.sqf and assignGear_*.sqf scripts, as well as any new script files (fa_acre_clearRadios.sqf and fa_ACRE_setFrequencies.sqf).

So it’s basically like making missions for the normal sessions?
Exactly. ACRE is completely handled by the framework, and the island can be changed with ease, using the guide provided on the F2 wiki.