Vanilla+: Installing the Modpack with SixUpdater

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Vanilla+: Installing the Modpack with SixUpdater

Post by Cam » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:22 pm

1. Download and install Six Updater.
Download link

You shouldn’t need to change any settings, Six Updater is fairly good at finding the correct file-paths.

2. Get the preset.
For this step, there’s two options. Some people have technical issues with the first option, though I recommend that you try it, purely because it’s far easier and quicker.

Firstly, [url=sixupdater://]open this link[/url]. Make sure you have Six Updater open before you do so, and accept any pop-ups that you get.

If that doesn’t work, then open up Six Updater, and select the Homepage tab, at the top of the box to the right of the main window [1]. Then, enter the following text in the address bar in the top right of the main box [2].


If the above methods don’t work for you, ensure that you’re not running any anti-virus software, as Six Updater has been known to be very finicky with programs like AVG and Avast.

3. Change your profile to "A2 OA Combined Ops".
Go the top bar, and ensure you're on the "Home" tab. Then, click the middle drop-down box, between "Preset" and "Server", located in the centre of the top-bar, and click the option "A2 OA Combined Ops". This will ensure that you don't get any irritating incompatibility errors, by telling Six Updater to run Combined Ops, as opposed to Arma 2 Vanilla.

4. Install and update the mods.
After you’ve completed the above steps, and have a full preset in your Six Updater, you’ll need to select it, by clicking it in the preset list, on the right side of your main window [3]. If you already have the mod named “expansion/beta” at the bottom of your preset, you can disregard this, but otherwise, you’ll need to go to your top-bar and toggle the tickbox “Beta” until the aforementioned mod appears.

Then, hit the drop-down box, just below the large button in the top-left corner of the main updater window, and select the option “Install or Update Mods” [4].

If you selected the correct option, you’ll be greeted with around 6 Terms and Conditions pages that you’ll need to hit “Accept” on, after a short delay (in which time I’m sure you’ll read it in great detail). After this, you’ll be shown a list of mods, with a download status for each.

With ACRE, you will be given an option to allow Six to install the Teamspeak plugin (for which you’ll need Teamspeak 3 already installed). I recommend that you allow this.

5. Fix any mods that failed to download (If your mods are all green, continue to the next step).
Sometimes, there can be a few minor issues in downloading mods through custom repositories, usually with larger files. Generally, the result is that a mod will be listed as “Failed” in the list of downloaded mods, and will show as a red in the preset list. To fix this, simple go to the same drop-down box that contained the “Install or Update Mods” option, and instead select the bottom option: “Verify and Repair Mods”.

6. Install/Troubleshoot ACRE.
This is where it starts to get a little bit more fiddly.

Please be aware that Teamspeak 3 version 3.0.13 and above removed direct input and may not be compatible with / break ACRE functions. Previous versions are still compatible - download Here

First of all, you’re going to need to find the shortcut with which you launch Teamspeak, open the properties page and go to the “Compatibility” tab (selected at the top of the window). Tick the bottom box, “Run this program as an administrator”.

Secondly, you need to ensure that Six Updater has correctly installed the ACRE plugin. To do this, open up the “Settings - Plugins” menu, from the top-bar of Teamspeak [5]. If a plugin called “ACRE Plugin” is listed, in black text, the plugin has been correctly installed. If it is in red, you’ll need to manually install it.

To do this, go to your @ACRE folder, located in your root ARMA 2 Operation Arrowhead folder, and move in all the files in the “addons\plugin” folder into your “Teamspeak 3\plugins” folder. Your Teamspeak 3 folder is likely located in “C:\Program Files\Teamspeak 3”.

Thirdly, you’ll need to change a few options in your hotkey settings. Open up the “Settings - Options” menu from before, located on the top bar of Teamspeak 3. In the next window, click the “Hotkeys” icon, on the left side of the screen, 9th icon down, and follow the instructions in this screenshot.

Finally, open up your playback settings menu (Settings - Options - Playback button on the left side), and tick the box "Always set clients 3D positions when available", shown in this screenshot.

7. Launch the game.
And now for the fun part, where you find out if everything’s broken or not. Click the drop-down box that contained the “Install or Update mods” option, in the top-left section of the main window, and select “Launch the Game”. Accept any prompts that appear and let the game start up.

8. Enjoy
You’ve installed everything you need to play in a V+ session. I’d recommend that you turn up a short while before the session starts, just to make sure that all your addons are functioning properly.
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