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Post by NikkoJT » Tue Aug 07, 2018 9:37 pm

NATO launches an amphibious raid with naval support. (1 UAV operator per squad recommended)

East coast of Malden - NATO vs CSAT

Boat assault on two islands, with optional third objective. UAV operators provide fire support from destroyers.

v1: ???
v2: played.
- Investigate issues with AI taking control of Mk45 turrets.
- Changed Mk45 disableAI handling.
- Added briefing note to discourage people from setting them to autonomous mode.
- Fix for placement error that was causing damage to parked helicopters.
- Added Costno's boat movement script.

- Replaced Mk45 disableAI with setAutonomous.
-- Same change to Praetorian 1C turrets.
- Disabled Mk45 datalinking.
- Mk45 rounds now use 155mm smoke instead of 82mm.
- Improved enemy placement.
- Improved prop placement.
- Updated briefing to discourage parking the boat half a kilometre out.
- Added static AA Titan as speculative UAV discouragement.

v4 is affected by an ongoing bug that causes duplicate destroyer hulls to spawn. Does not affect mission outcome but can cause up to 3 doors to appear in doorways aboard ships.
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