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Post by NikkoJT » Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:14 pm

British infantry sweeps the streets of Georgetown at night.

Georgetown, Tanoa - NATO vs Syndikat
Night-time, Prowlers, SPAR-16s and squad level marksmen.

v1: fucked.
v2: First played. No glaring issues. Perhaps a slight difficulty increase as one mediocre squad managed to succeed without too much trouble.
v3: ready for transfer.
- A1 and B1 fireteams converted into Armed Prowler fireteams. Each FT loses one AR, but AARs gain Engineer traits.
- Added Recon Team to compensate for removed ARs. SPAR-16s, nightsights, suppressors. Two soldiers.
- Corrected issue causing the CO to have the wrong uniform.
- Reoriented Prowler loadings to accommodate ORBAT changes.
- Added a 38% chance for an Armed Technical to spawn in the city.
- All soldiers except Marksmen now have laser pointers.
- Prowlers have received AssignGear tags and should now carry the correct ammunition.
v4: ready.
- Removed "Neon Night".
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