Help make Party-approved missions harder
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Post by SuicideKing » Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:26 am

So comrades, Wot U Thunk?

Issues with the first run were:
  1. I accidentally interchanged the last and first triggers when switching from test to "gold" version
  2. ARs didn't have enough mags
  3. IFVs may or may not be deploying smoke when unloading soldiers
  4. One MH-9 Hummingbird doesn't disembark its troops where it's supposed to
  5. Victory conditions may be too rigid and tough.
  1. Fixed
  2. Fixed too, ARs (AKM) will have 10 mags total, so 300 rounds + 1 mag extra with AARs.
  3. unsure if indeed true, or what could be causing it. May exclude Marshalls from ASR AI units and see.
  4. May move its landing location, but really falls under the "wont fix" category. Rather, I don't know why its breaking and i've tried almost everything to get it to work.
  5. Currently one side must have a 5x numerical advantage over the other for a decisive victory. Area under consideration includes lumber yard to. May reduce area to just the town and make the deciding ratio a bit more dynamic.
Edit: Blue and Red teams have had their weapons interchanged to better reflect the ORBAT roles (M14s offer ranged fire support while AKMs offer close quarters firepower).

Edit 2: Will assign helmets based on DLC ownership. Buy Laws of War to get cool helmets!

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