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NATO special forces take on an unusual kill mission on Altis. (TH optional, don't count RT for passengers)

North-East Altis - NATO vs Private Security/AAF
German loadouts and BRs again. VAN TECHNICAL!
HVT is in one of four buildings, get 'em and blow up their car.

v1-2: ?
v3: played live.
- Some floating buildings
- VTECH needs DLC warning
- Check end trigger size
- Removed helium from buildings.
- Gave VTECH a thing to let non-DLC drivers in.
- Did that to the transport vans too.
- Made end trigger slightly more larger.

v4 notes:
- Investigate reports of missing flecktarn on FTLs
- Force AAF reinforcements to stay mounted in combat
- Add variable timer to reinforcement triggers?

v5: ready.
- Applied all fixes from v4 notes. (No issue found with camo application)
- Adjusted the position of a building to fix stucking issues.
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