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Post by NikkoJT » Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:14 pm

NATO commandos conduct a raid to weaken enemy defences on Tanoa. (Demo specialist required)

Kotomo & Harcourt, Tanoa - NATO vs CSAT
One squad with short FTs (boats). Blow up AA, cross the Harcourt Strait, and clear Harcourt.

v1: ?
v2: played live.
- Check enemy counts / limit enemy use of heavy weapons
- Investigate F3 ending issue
- Update smoke script with Shado's version (check sleep times)

- Replaced CSAT grenadiers with riflemans.
- Locked Marid and Varsuk.
- Added additional props.
- Updated smoke script to use Shado's version and adjusted sleep times.
- Updated mission to FA3 3.5.0a.
- Reduced available ammunition for Marid and Qilin.
- Repositioned Qilin.
- Added cover to certain areas.
- Improved checkpoint bunker to limit .50 cal field of fire.

v3 issues:
- disallowed character in briefing causes cut off in credits section. (Fixed in files for v4)
- Extra-confirm first Marid is locked

- Fixed briefing.
- Marid extra-confirmed as locked.
- Adjusted some patrol routes so enemies in the town you're supposed to avoid are less likely to respond to attacks on the AA gun.
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