Help make Party-approved missions harder
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Post by Costno » Sun Apr 15, 2018 12:53 am

FIA steals an Angara.

vt1 to v1 changes:

- fixed TNK1 tag
- UAV won't count as spotted as long as you keep it more than 75m off the ground
- added a hyphen
- reduced number of HMG/CROWs turrets
- reduced ammo and skill (asr probably just overrides, but it's the thought that counts) of existing turrets
- added a small reinforcement wave of ATGM qilin (hazards to tank only, not infantry)
- added some AAF MAT teams to add more hazards to tank that infantry can deal with.
- removed an entire Gorgon from reinforcement wave (cowards)
- delayed response time of reinforcements, added small randomization.
- time of day set to look cool (golden hour, it's a photo shoot after all)
- gave AAF MAAWs, Minimi
- taught Mora road rules.
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