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Post by NikkoJT » Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:53 pm

A Spetsnaz team works to reactivate Russian orbital weapons in the aftermath of the Contact incident. (JTAC required)

Near Zapadlisko, Livonia - Spetsnaz vs NATO/LDF

Requires reading the briefing. Likely to need some Zeus assistance for the extraction phase because arma AI

v1: ???
v2: played.
- MMG gunner is literally unplayable
- Spetsnaz need better vests
- Briefing info on the strike cooldown is inaccurate

- Tweaked MMG gunner loadout
- MMG gunner issue was not replicable, suspect JIP problem
- Spetsnaz vests now default to plate carriers
-- Kipchak vests are exclusive to the Light loadout
- Fixed an error in the briefing
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