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FA Video Branding Guidlines

Posted: Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:48 pm
by SuperU
Want your videos to be party approved? Then follow the guides in this post comrade!

For the intro we have both a long and short version of the FA video ident (link below). Opening with the short ident is perfectly acceptable.

Opening screen
When the intro ident is over, the only text (or logos) on the screen should be the title of the video. For a session highlights video, please use the following format:

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[Sun] 24 Jan 2014
The title text should be in the center of the video. The session day/date should be rendered in 120px/pt and the title of your video (e.g. "Highlights") in 120px/pt text. Always use Avant Garde extra light for this text.
An example can be seen here -
NB The important thing is that the session name in the video matches the format used in our forums, Steam notices etc.

Mission names
If your video features multiple missions, please put the name of the mission at the top-left of the screen when its footage begins. Please use 70px/pt Avant Garde extra light for this text. You'll need to indicate the nature of the mission after the name, using one of these options:

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Mission name (coop)

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Mission name (adversarial)
If an individual mission's footage is from the after-party segment of a session, please indicate this too; for example:
An example can be found here - ... 0Names.jpg

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Mission name (adversarial) (after-party)
For outros please use only the short version of the FA ident. Please do not include any other slogans, URLs or logos.

General Pointers for editing
When editing you need to be brutal as possible, this means if there are bits that don't help illustrate what you are trying to communicate to the viewer then simply just cut the footage. So if there are parts where nothing is happening or you are simply just running then cut it. Its more preferable over always speeding footage up, obviously there is an exception if you are deliberately doing so for the viewer benefit.

You Tube naming and thumbnails
We would recommend you avoid using complicated naming schemes in you tube titles. Keep it simple as using these examples as a template :
Example of thumbail - ... lecard.png

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