Folk ARPS etiquette: A short guide for all comrades

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Folk ARPS etiquette: A short guide for all comrades

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I thought FA wasn't MilSim, so what's this about etiquette? Do I have to call anyone sir?
FA sessions are open to everyone, but to maintain the atmosphere and type of experience we value, we ask that every comrade observes a few very simple principles with regard to communications, gameplay and banter.

Okay, I read the TeamSpeak thread, so tell me about comms etiquette.
Organising or commanding 20+ comrades can be challenging, so there are some basic ways we can all help during a session:

Slotting: The session host runs slotting, during this phase please don't talk on TS and listen carefully to the host's requests and instructions. Please use SideChat for questions and banter.

Briefing: Typically, all players on the same side will be in the same TS channel during this phase, which is run by the mission CO(s). Please don't talk on TS and listen carefully to the CO's instructions. SideChat is the place for banter. Importantly, we don't plan by committee: critiques and alternative plans belong in the session's AAR thread, please.

In-Game: What is the Folk ARPS 2015 Platoon? covers our use of TS and VON, so the etiquette is simply to remember that one person's witty banter can be another's frustrating distraction. Some banter on VON is fine, but if an element leader asks you to hush for a bit, please do so.

Fair enough. What about gameplay etiquette?
Whilst FA is not MilSim, in-game we like to offer a tactical experience. If you do only one thing, simply to follow the orders of your element leader and avoid lone-wolfing. Beyond that, we like to respect the design of each scenario and play the parts we have selected during slotting: unless ordered to, please don't scavenge for fancy/different weapons or vehicles not relevant to your role.

Okay. You keep talking about banter. Is there an etiquette for banter?
Just one rule: please don't use humour that is at the expense of any group of people, be it defined by gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, political views etc. At FA, everyone is welcome - because we all strive to ensure nobody feels unwelcome. We're sure you already know that outright sexism, racism, homophobia etc. are unacceptable here (as in many communities) - we just ask that when you crack a joke or make a witty comment, you consider first whether it will make another comrade feel unwelcome. If your remark boils down to 'lol, gay'/'lol, swedes'/'lol, rape', then it's just not our kind of banter.

But what if me and this other comrade have this in-joke that s/he doesn't find offensive at all, even though it's about Swedes and Australians and sex? Isn't this all a bit Social Justice Warrior?
Remember that anyone can participate in our sessions - new comrades might not understand that you're friends, and may feel uncomfortable enough not to come back - which would be a shame for you, them and everyone who works hard to make the sessions happen. This isn't about politics for us, it's about ensuring that FA is a community where absolutely anyone can come and enjoy some tactical ArmA. Even sex-loving Swedes and Australians.

Ah ... yeah, that makes sense now that you put it that way. So what happens if someone says something that makes me uncomfortable?
Contact any of the hosts and they'll do all they can to resolve the situation. Hopefully without having to use a Party-issued Makarov.

Does this apply out-of-game, such as in forums and Skype perma-chat?
Yes, the etiquette for banter applies to all FA channels.

What happens if someone doesn't follow the etiquette (on communications, gameplay or banter)?
If a comrade accidentally steps over the line, a host will give them a gentle reminder. If for some reason it becomes clear that a comrade cannot or will not observe our etiquette, the hosts will ask them to leave.

So, basically, don't be a dick?
Yes, comrade, that's pretty much it.