Folk ARPS on Discord (FA Chat)

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Folk ARPS on Discord (FA Chat)

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Do I have to join FA chat?
Not at all, it's totally voluntary (like most things in Folk ARPS, really).

So, what's the point of it?
Members of FA chat will have the best chance of finding out when an ad hoc session is about to begin.

Hang on, will I get spammed by Discord pop-ups?
Not necessarily; you can control what events trigger notifications by configuring your preferences in Discord.

Will I lose out if I don't join?
You won't miss out on any important announcements: those will still be made in the forum.

Cool. How do I join FA chat?
Just follow this link. You don't need to install anything or register (although registering allows you to retain your nickname). The dedicated clients are also good, but not critical if you'd prefer to operate from the browser.

Is there anything I should do once I'm in?
We recommend changing your Voice settings from 'voice-activated' to 'push-to-talk'.

BTW, I don't plan to participate in FA Chat or the FA Sessions, but want to lurk to see what's going on in FA. Is that okay?
Ultimately, FA Chat is for those comrades who play with FA or participate at some level. It doesn't have to be every week, or even every month. Even those who use FA Chat as a medium for communication with FA are welcome. However, FA Chat is not open to those whose sole purpose is to lurk. If a host feels a participant is present in the chat for this purpose alone, the comrade will be removed from chat.

Understood. Is there an etiquette I need to know about?
If you chose to participate in FA's optional chat, the hosts would like to ask that you keep three points in mind:
  • Everyone is welcome
  • Effectively, everything you type is public
  • Many comrades participate in other communities besides FA (which is a good thing)
Does point #3 mean I can't discuss other ArmA communities?
No, but please remember that the Armaverse spans a huge range of approaches to playing Arma and organising communities. Some are to our tastes, others may not be; but being mean about people or communities isn't defined by whether or not they're in the chat to read your comments. Also, words can be copy/pasted elsewhere! The hosts would never want to discourage informed, thoughtful - even robust - debate in FA chat about people, communities and developments beyond the borders of FA - just keep things respectful.