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Folk ARPS Video Archive

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What is this?

An archive, of course!

What for?

Gathering small video snippets that can be used for our wonderful Year In Review video.

How can i help?

So what we need to make a good Year In Review video are lots of interesting/amusing/pretty snippets of video to play at a rapid pace with Darude - Sandstorm in the background.

And here's how you help making that happen.
  1. Start recording our sessions with video capture equipment of your choice.
  2. When something cool/pretty/interesting/hilarious happens, make sure you take a note of when.
  3. Clip out the cool/pretty/interesting/hilarious stuff.
  4. Upload it to our Video Archive!
  5. Bask in the glory of having your snippets featured in our Year of Review Video, and thank yourself for helping The Party convince people that our sessions are worth a try! :dance:
Can't i just upload the full mission footage instead

We'd rather you didn't. Looking through lots of full mission videos on the hunt for magic moments would not be good for the sanity of the Politburo members involved.

Cool, i want to help, how do i get access to this new rival to the Library of Alexandria?

You contact Comrade audiox either on the forums, discord or steam.

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