[Tue] 11 June 2019 (Don't Beat About the Bush)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 11 June 2019 (Don't Beat About the Bush)

Post by madrak_the_red » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:07 pm

Am (un)lucky 13 comrades came along this fine tuesday evening for a series of exciting adventures.

They braved the wilds of Malden (and died), they fought tanks with mere cars (and died), extracted some high-level intel (and lived!) and finally ventured into the untamed jungle (and died...horribly).

The scribes recorded these adventures as:
  • Lost Sector: La Trinite North [Co-op]
  • SPG Emergency [Co-op]
  • Mailman Extended [Co-op Zeus]
  • RLT Part 1 [Co-Op]
Remember... the part will be with you. Always.

Remember to check out, promote, and contribute to the Party YouTube channel using this elegant and finely-crafted link.

You can review the missions we played tonight to improve your combat effectiveness score, using our R3 Mission Replay System. Remember, the Party is always watching! And so are your friends. From the grave. Where you put them. You monster.

If you would like to get some help with becoming an excellent leader :commissar: why not check out the Leadership Programme? This will let you get direct access to a host who will be happy* to guide you through commanding a mission, especially if you have a cruel and devious plan.

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