[Sun] 1 Dec (Of eggs and baskets)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 1 Dec (Of eggs and baskets)

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As I told comrade CO when we started the mission, with 24 comrades on our side, how could we lose?

  • Altis Pirate Party
  • Hill 119
  • Communications Breakdown
  • Counter Productive
  • Occupational Exposure
If you noticed the FA patches folks wear in game, do not despair! A friendly comrade commissar has one just like that, for you!.

If you would like that same feeling of elan and impending showtrial in real life, click here and dream no more! Contributes to server operation as well as your Party status!

Speaking of the server!, you can also make a direct contribution to the Dacha whiskey budget FA server fund, and keep the hamsters spinning the generators alive and well, whether via PayPal to server-fund@folkarps.com, or via Stripe, here. Your every donation is valued, as we are almost out of whiskey hamster feed again.

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