[Sun] 13 September 2020 (The building is alive!)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 13 September 2020 (The building is alive!)

Post by Teifiterror »

16 members old and new of Folk ARPS joined forces to take on the might of the ARMA 3 Ai, and mostly won!

Our initial mission saw us try and steal some SUVs, which we could not identify effectively from either the air or the ground, leading to a lot of confused looks and going around in circles. Our second mission saw us inesrt into hostile territory on some boats and take out three targets, our air support provided by Ralian during this mission was phenomenal and surely aided in the success of the mission! Our this mission somehow saw us wade through wave after wave of enemy, only to find the building to be the greatest obstacle (Zeus mistake!), but success was found!

  • Aventure au Soleil [Co-op]
  • Ragged Wood [Co-op Zeus]
  • us v them [Co-op Zeus]
  • HSLD III [Co-op]
  • House Rules [Afterparty]
  • Shipping Problems[Afterparty]
  • Glub Glub Glub [Afterparty]
  • The Crucible [Afterparty]
  • Minecraft [Afterparty]
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Re: [Sun] 13 September 2020 (The building is alive!)

Post by stonie »

Aventure au Soleil [Co-op]
I joined in late on that one. I spent my first life as medic. Once I reached A1, a lot of first aid was necessary. We took a compound, but nobody was there. Unfortunately, a truck stopped by and killed me.
I filled in Lord Palmzias's slot, who had a nice rifle with nice optics. It was now that I started to figure out that we were looking for black vans in compounds. We found a second one, and noticed the third on was were we started have been before. On our way out we encountered some people who didn't like that we were taking their cars.


Ragged Wood [Co-op Zeus]
We inserted with boats, we had CAS and were hiking in the forests of Livonia. There was some some fighting in the woods though. In the end we wanted to extract what we though were our boats (they weren't). Charlie got pretty much anhilated by the EI, that presumably landed there with the boats.
We ultimately managed to take them out, and also finally found **our** boats as well.


us v them [Co-op Zeus]
Most instense mission of the evening. I can't comprehend how we got so far. Sometimes there were just explosions everywhere. I took out a tank that nearly ran us over. Did I mention the explosions? Whil reviewing the footage I noticed that some point (@18:30) I ran out of smokes, which made me throw an RGO, which only led to more explosions. In the end we were pretty much surrounded, and the objects of the enemy base started moving towords me. We died, mission success!


HSLD III [Co-op]
Taking the chopchop, clearing compound, stuff goes boom, leave (Greyfox behind), turn around make sure he doesn't need a med-evac. Mission success!


My Folk ARPS visual archive:

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Re: [Sun] 13 September 2020 (The building is alive!)

Post by Ralian »

Hello there!

I haven't really played or made an AAR post since 2017. It's good to be back!

Aventure au Soleil [Co-op]: Scout Heli Pilot

I must say I was looking forward to some action on the ground for my first time back, but that heli pilot slot took so long to slot that I just decided to grab it instead. I have never seen an air-based slot take so long to get picked ever at FA. More toys for me! :science101:

So, I spent this mission circling the map with my copilot/marksman, who I would occasionally drop off on the mountain to do some sneaky sniping. After landing to buff out my heli after a close shave with an enemy technical, we got a reminder from command that we should do our job and help find the black SUVs. After five more minutes of flying around, we found what I believe was the second one and decided to land for a closer look.

Should have been a bit more cautious and landed further out, because survivors at the SUV compound shot me dead on approach, and the only thing we got a closer look at was the ground.

Dying has its perks though, and my copilot and I came back from the grave to operate a mortar team. Even more toys!

Ragged Wood [Co-op Zeus]: A-10C Operator

I really got my flying hours logged this session. Took off and headed east to observe and cover as Alpha/Bravo landed boats at the objective [pic attached.] After laying down munitions on a tower, I had to defend three manpad launches and ran low on flares. I landed to rearm successfully but got hooked on one of the rearm trucks, and had to have zeus do a little magic to unblock my jet.

The rest of the mission was lots of fun but mostly uneventful, I had to protect Bravo/Charlie reinforcements as they pushed along the shoreline. I rearmed a second time and managed to stick my wing on the rearm truck again. :siiigh: I also witnessed what I can only assume was a MLRS fire off a barrage of about six missiles, then put a bomb on it which ended the mission. Guess that was the last bit of hardware we had to kill.

us v them [Co-op Zeus]

IFV1 outlived our tank, most of our infantry and the reinforcement IFV2. We nearly took dozens of rockets, and almost took a downed littlebird to the face. We spent most of the mission surrounded by enemy troops - in many instances, there were baddies between us and the platoon we were screening for. We met our ultimate demise trying to distract the enemies as the platoon made a glorious charge to the objective. Glory to IFV1!

HSLD III [Co-op]: TH2 Pilot

Thank you host overlords for our juicy cannon helicopter upgrades! We raised some hell! Also, I nailed that shot on GreyFox.

Leave no witnesses. :commissar:

House Rules [Afterparty]

Fun with sniper rifles!

Shipping Problems[Afterparty]

Classic! How was I the sole survivor, I'm awful at these TvT skirmishes!

Glub Glub Glub [Afterparty]

I made this mission like 4 years ago, and damn is it broken. Twas fun though!

The Crucible [Afterparty]

I didn't think this level of tractor shenanigans was even achievable!

Minecraft [Afterparty]

10/10 would break blocks again
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