[GM] 17 October 2020 (An Effective Ambush)

How we died (in the future)
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[GM] 17 October 2020 (An Effective Ambush)

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15 excellent shooters joined our rag tag group this evening for a session in silent ARMA, where we whispered sweet nothings into each others mic's.

Our first mission saw us assault and hold a town and bridge in the enemy territory, some scary moments with some M113's did not deter us (although it did scare away our supporting BMP). Our second mission saw us retake (or not) land from the polish armed forces in our tanks, most commanders discovered the issues with turret movement and got a bit dizzy until a chopper took most of them out. The next few missions went decidedly against us, as it appears command forgot to allocate the B52 stratofortress bombing run to go in ahead of our little fireteams! We then hunted an enemy officer and successfully killed him after going round and round in circles for a while.

  • Seggerde Chutzen [Co-op]
  • Free Real Estate [Co-op Zerus]
  • Final Desitnation [Co-op]
  • Valley Force [Co-op]
  • More Dead Heroes [Co-op Zeus]
  • Minutes to Midnight [Co-op]
  • House Rules [After Party]
  • House Rules [After Party]
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Re: [GM] 17 October 2020 (An Effective Ambush)

Post by stonie »

Seggerde Schützen [Co-op]
One of the few victories this evening. After a short drive and short walk through the woods we starting our assault on Seggerde. We were blinded by the beauty of the rainbow shortly before enemies were swarming out of the building. Although Aqarius and I got downed in this first encounter we got the situation under control and back on our feet.
We got the crossroad and went north. An enemy armoured vehicle closed in from the north an downed most of us. Enemies were swarming us and ultimately dowing all of us. Luckily Nikko came to safe comrade Flying who selflessly and heroically wanted me to be rescued first. I elimated the armoured vehicle to our south and got the rest of our FT up. Sadly we losst Palmzia at this point.
We cleared more buildings Teifi got downed when entering a house, but victory wasn't far at this point.



Free Real Estate [Co-op Zerus]
A confusing tank mission in which I might or might not have friendly fired Skippy's tank.
Also one tank eliminated itself by doing a barrel-roll.



Final Destination [Co-op]
One of the the shortest mission we ever played. I also didn't see a single enemy throughout the slaughter mission. So they were either using advanced stealth technology or they were invisible.
A pitty we don't have R3 for that one.


Valley Force [Co-op]
Hello, darkness, my old friend....
It was dark, very dark. I missed a BMP 2 times because I simply couldn't see it.
We didn't make it...
For the next time, I think we need to work on how we use the tanks with the searchlight, as they should really aid the Infantry to see stuff. It was mostly dark, though.
The Video is basically a podcast.


More Dead Heroes [Co-op Zeus]
We were looking for an enemy officer I guess. We took a long walk through woods. Livonia has a nice terrain, lots of trees. We did some back and forth with several rescue missions. Aqarius' got disconnected and his AI ran off into battle. I had a close encounter with an enemy AI who acted suspiciously human (~41:17 mark). I also learned that if the game, for whatever reason shows you a target marker on the screen, there's probably an actual enemy there.


Minutes to Midnight [Co-op Zeus]
Motivated by the sound of 80s German pop-music, we made our way to the radiation source. We made our way over an open plain and took out an enemy armoured vehicle. We then continued towards the forest. Lots of enemies from all directions started closing in on us. We took the truck and made our way of the forest. I got shot down and fell back into cabin. Dying on Teifi's lap, he pulled me out of the truck and revived me. We continued to where we came from. Victory!


House Rules [After Party]


My Folk ARPS visual archive:

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