[Sun] 15 Nov 2020 (Plan Your Next Get-Away With FA)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 15 Nov 2020 (Plan Your Next Get-Away With FA)

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11 loyal comrades attended today's activities.

We started with a rough sweep through some Tanoan coastal streets, slowly being picked off and flanked by forces who outnumbered us 5 or 6 to one, at least. The few survivors after completed the primary objective tried and failed thrice to drive out of the AO, colliding at the end with a fortified roadblock and a very angry strider. After that, we took to the sunny island of Malden and made a quite successful air assault on two crashed drones, and aside from a medic who showed up late and a helicopter pilot who tried to text and fly we made it out with limited casualties. Third in the night was a careful tacticool sweep of the streets of Tarnow, methodically pushing our way to the fortified factory compound. The four who managed to finish clearing the objective found the device and narrowly slipped past remaining patrols across to the extract. Finally, we mounted a doomed defense of an important guy in a small Livonian village, picked off in quick succession by aggressive enemies.

  • Special Circumstances [Co-op]
  • Birdman [Co-op]
  • Escape from Tarnow [Co-op]
  • Pressure Politics [Co-op]
  • Minecraft [Afterparty]
  • House Rules [Afterparty]
  • Killhouse [Afterparty]
  • Amazing Race [Afterparty]
  • Crucible [Afterparty]
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[After driving past a town full of enemies, a technical, and receiving fire from all directions]
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