[Sun] 13 Sep 2021 (Mine Your Own Business)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 13 Sep 2021 (Mine Your Own Business)

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A quiet Sunday attended by 12 loyal comrades. We made our best effort to make up for our small numbers by bringing lots of hand grenades, a Panther and a Pawnee, mortars, an ATGM car, maybe spawning ourselves a couple 3GLs :commissar: and stepping on landmines.

We started with a quick compound raid, kicked in some doors and popped some flashbangs. After that we made a highly effective assault on Paros with the aforementioned IFV, mortars, and attack helicopter clearing a path for our small force of infantry.

With two great successes on the book, we travelled to Tanoa and tried to give OPFOR an easy go at it by running past the engineers actively defusing landmines so that we could die to the landmines. The engineers, encouraged by seeing their comrades selflessly exploding to make it a fair fight, offered a few of their own to the landmine gods. Still, even with our generous offering it took a full platoon of Syndikat to eradicate the surviving 4 - 5 of our force.

Finally, we made a desperate defense against several hundred NATO stormtroopers (and nudists). Effective shooting from towers and cover, some suicidal ramming of tanks with cars, and at least two nice hits with the ATGM Qilin, we eradicated everything NATO sent at us.

  • Door Kickers [Co-op]
  • Dine and Dash [Co-op]
  • Lost Isles [Co-op]
  • Defense Industry [Co-op]
  • Aces High II [Afterparty]
  • Rally: Coastal Highway [Afterparty]

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