[Sun] 3rd October 2021 (Fighting Fuel)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 3rd October 2021 (Fighting Fuel)

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A mighty 17 dudes joined us tonight for some laughs involving fuel and stealing, but not quite stealing fuel.

First up, we tried to blow up some AAF IFVs before they were refuelled, which we prolonged indefinitely by killing the fuel truck drivers (driving up the demand even higher) but failed to follow through on the blowing up bit and all died instead. Next, 3IFB wrestled a factory from NATO in the name of the people! But then failed to hold it against the many NATO reinforcements (NATO reports we blew up their barracks in an act of terrorism are clear lies, we all know what really happened). After that, an LDF convoy was ambushed deep in the Tanoan jungle by Syndikat; only the medical truck made it back alive (not seen was the subsequent 4-way war over the abandoned fuel truck). Finally, VRANA successfully hi-jacked a train by air in a daring heist despite Gendarmerie's, and their called-in CTRG backup's, best efforts.

Afterparty Rocket Jousting score: BLUFOR - 1, AAF - 1, the Guardians - 1. Results - undecided

The next CDLC session will be on 16th October. Read the link to make sure you are prepared!

Missions run tonight (Start of Discord AAR for this session)

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