[Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by fer »

  • Bees
  • Inter IV (M14s)
  • Second Hand Tigers
  • Close Encounters
Party records suggest that the probably former General Secretary hasn't actually hosted a session since January, but if you can't surprise comrade Zitron once in a while, what's the point of being issued with a golden Makarov? what? really? well, yes, there's the executions. sure. yes, there's the golden yacht. yes. yes. you're right. shut up. shut up, and go away. I've got an AAR post to record. Precisely! Anyway, Labour day weekend in the US meant it was fairly quiet, with 30 comrades taking up arms once again. But small can also be beautiful, and tonight we had two beautiful new missions from comrade mission makers Costno and darkchozo.

We started, however, with some oldies. In Bees, a small, squad-sized force bourne in future LBs - with an armed LB providing top cover and ST1 acting as recon - under the command of comrade CO Netkev, located and blew up two enemy tanks (with fairly minimal loss of life and valuable Party-issued equipment). Next, we killed each other to death with M14s in a particularly good run of Inter IV, in which the attacking CSAT force (commanded by comrade Peasant) successfully used both long and short-range suppression techniques to pin the defenders in place before delivering some neat executions. Props to the chaps who killed me by firing through a wooden door before clearing my building - great work!

After Altis, we moved to Tanoa - new island, two new missions. First, the platoon - initially just Alpha and Bravo, but later reinforced by Charlie - swept across one of the minor islands in comrade mission maker Costno's Second Hand Tigers. Syndikat rebels were killed and their strongholds destroyed, and it was absolutely perfect apart from the bit with the enemy GMG. Anyway, we won the day, and flushed with this success we carried on with the theme of locating Syndikat outposts, ransacking them for intel, and then blowing up their carefully curated collections of AKs and RPG-7s in comrade mission maker darkChozo's Close Encounters. Only this time it was as HSLD SF types, creeping through the jungle at night in small, independent squads, whilst comrade CO Netkev watched us on TV screens from a remote location. Like a voyeur. I don't want to say #Tigershark, but ...

Glorious stuff, and special thanks to our comrade mission makers. Special thanks also to comrades Blip2, NetKev and Pooter, who have been working to make our new server, K19-IV, fully operational (don't miss the destruction of Alderaan at 7, before the News). Speaking of which, if the potato harvest in your area has been better than in Latvia, the Party would appreciate help financing the revolution.

Finally, a quick note: the policy of running a non-APEX mission at the start of each session will continue. This is to help anyone who's Arma-curious experience the loving embrace of the Party, only without having to shell out for APEX first. Because the Party loves you all. But not you, Zitron.


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Re: [Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by Peasant »

It's nice to see comrade Fer return to hosting positions again. Anyway:
Bees someone's RAT: this was an interesting one, mostly because we advanced slowly and carefully enough that we didn't all horribly die (the normal state of bees), but man those gorgons. Interesting point: the lock on on the PCML is defeated by trees. And one shot is not enough to risk trying to manually aim the PCML. Sorry everyone who got shot by the Gorgons!

Inter IV CSAT CO so the fog meant that MG couldn't see anyone, so they were suppressing by building. and Alpha 2 managed to get really confused and TK the command element, but we won't hold that against them. After all, they all died.

Close Encounters very close encounters, including the time the fireteam and I stumbled on to an enemy patrol at literally point blank range. An amazing premise but maybe a smaller AO would be better? (But seriously-good work ) (there was a lot of driving is what I'm saying)

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Re: [Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by Boarnoah »

Good session, I do wish my Tanoa fps would stay above 15 (Comrade Bobbero's trimview helps a lot with this in the jungle at least).

Second Hand Tigers
UGV Operator, impromptu A1(?) reserves, C2 AR
I liked the addition of the ugvs as fire support (remote designators would be fun to see too one day) . May have been a little too brave in positioning the vehicle to support A2 who were taking a lot of fire. At least the ugv did a good job of soaking at least 5 to 6 AT rounds before exploding. (Comrade CO aquarius assured me it is not coming out of my paycheck). I then was asked to tag along with alpha as an extra pair of eyes, which did not help when we all got mowed down by a hmg :D.

Close Encounters
B1 Combat Engineer
Wow! This is the kind of missions I look forward to the most with arma. Somewhat unconventional objectives and mechanics that you don't get to see played outside of a proper arma session.
Nightime trek through humid jungles are always fun, anyone got any remedies for leech bites?. Tanoan Automobile Association was kind enough to tow our vehicles for the next part of the mission, props to them.

B2 after having been ambushed by a lone rifleman

Zitron then proceeded to almost drive us off a bridge (in fairness, NVGs and a dark night)

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Re: [Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by Grumpy »

Peasant wrote:Inter IV CSAT COAlpha 2 managed to get really confused and TK the command element, but we won't hold that against them. After all, they all died.
I was the offending party in A2 and I'm happy to report that I didn't actually TK command! At least according to the end of mission score table.

Here's how it went down. A2 is low crawling through the trees and suddenly 3 of my team members died in about 5 seconds. I hear shots coming from my front and rear. I assume we've been flanked, I later learn that CO has attached themselves to us. I didn't know this and wrongly assumed I was the rear guard. Fearing we've been flanked I swing around to see some green gear(indfor?) through the bushes, the headgear is obscured so I can't PID. I pause, the person becomes completely obscured, more shots from all directions. I panic and spray in the general direction of the unidentified. Then I hear that the CO medic is dead. I assume I killed him and fess up. Needless to say my confession doesn't go over well with CO or the remaining team members.

If the score table is to be believed then the other team must have killed the medic before I could. I am a terrible shot afterall. Still, I should've made a PID! :oops:

Ultimately the blame for the team's demise on Netkev for not knowing how to operate his grenade key and giving our position away with a stray frag! ;)

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Re: [Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by Mabbott »

Sorry for the rogue frag at the start of InterIV,but liquids and keyboards = random key presses. Otherwise awesome session. Thanks Fer.
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Re: [Sun] 04 Sep 2016 (What's my motivation?)

Post by RedMike »

Inter IV:

Great fun, ended up not able to find a good spot to hide initially, so I hid in a ditch next to a fence and survived right near the end. I eventually pushed towards the main fallback point and caught two CSAT by surprise (whom I was convinced were teammates as I was spraying down, but they were firing back so eh). As I went back into the building and secured it, I got killed by another two CSAT entering the building. Then we got to spectate this fun bit.

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