[Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

Post by Mabbott »

A *awesome* total of 34 people turned out on this first December session. Among which were a bunch of new people, so thanks to them for checking us out.

  • Bees - in which I forgot to turn down AI skill and we all died horribly
  • InterIV - where TIcky and Strumpie were terminators
  • Citadel - a pleasant journey through the mountains
  • HS;LD(II) - B1 doesn't know how to check for caches
  • Buzzard - MRAPs like to charge right up to you now apparently.
Did you notice that some vehicles/players had amazing FA Tractors on them? That's because of the power of our squad tags. Get yours now!
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Re: [Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

Post by boberro »

Maybe it's time to move squad tags onto arma units?
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Re: [Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

Post by Pooter »

Mabbott wrote:Bees - in which I forgot to turn down AI skill and we all died horribly
Well, we didn't ALL die. Less than half of my fireteam (that were players) died. I did lose the other half though, and we didn't have enough explosives to finish off the mission, but I'll be damned if we didn't try.

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Re: [Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

Post by DirtyHarry »

Role: FTL
TL;DR: Don't want to lead; Oh look, I'm leading

I didn't want to lead but then I wanted the session to get underway so I did the next best thing; I Bothered the shit out of AJAX (SL) to get him to tell me what to do :D
The mission was to take a town on a hillside. We had armour and lots of guns. We came, we saw, we GG'd.

I do prefer missions where by most of the players are operating in same area as it feels...cozier but both squads were split up and for good tactical reason.
We approached the town from two angles and obliterated the enemy. AJAX was so proud of Grumpy's performance he promoted him to Dead. :commissar:

Learning outcomes: I hate urban combat. Friendly fire is thing, AI sink into floors, performance is usually pants and enemy seem to come out of every little hole. I would perhaps look to just carpet bomb the entire town next time.

Role: Grunt
TL;DR: Low speed; Some drag

The mission was to drop in, drop bombs, drop out.

We came in by littlebirds, however, I'm sure by the speed at which we were going that "auto-hover" had been left on. The traffic behind us backed-up a mile long.

We blew up some stuff and left.

Learning outcomes: I wasn't leading but if I was; just for fun I might get the helicopters to drop us on the roofs :D
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Re: [Sun] 04 Dec 2016 (Death by Bee-sting)

Post by Ciaran »

Alpha Vic had great success in doing the shoot thing. Eventually we ended up charging into the town, where a Marshall decided to ambush us and the infantry surrounding us. Having no idea what had hit us, we bailed and hid in the nearest building, which we soon found out was right next to the Marshall, which amazingly did not continue firing at our vehicle, or turn to fire at us.

Netkev, the backup pilot and I decided to sit around talking for 10 minutes instead of helping clear the airfield, because shooting things is too much effort. In the end we actually managed to win Buzzard (I've heard the success rate is terrible), thanks to my piloting skill and, of course, modesty. Plus I finally redeemed myself from that other time I took pilot (http://www.folkarps.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=56&t=2123 - http://imgur.com/a/zrxGr).
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