[Sun] 30 July 2017 (Helicopter victims)

How we died (in the future)
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[Sun] 30 July 2017 (Helicopter victims)

Post by Pooter » Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:06 am

26 Helicopter victims joined us for this minor catastrophe.
In Fleet foxes we managed to lose two of our helicopters are really our only casualties.
While in Charlie Don't Surf we managed to lose all 4 of our helicopters as our main casualties.
Finally in Cannonball Alleyway we managed to take some important casualties, notably, most everyone.


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Re: [Sun] 30 July 2017 (Helicopter victims)

Post by DirtyHarry » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:11 pm

Mission:Fleet Foxes
Role: A2 FTL

"What you gonna do with all that junk? all that junk up in your trunk?"

As we skimmed the waves on the approach to our LZ, this was the question in my mind.

In my Fireteam I saw some familiar faces; mine, ".Net" Netkev and some not much: "Duck" Joe Duck, "Baby" Babu Baruti, Jonny "on the spot" Jones and Simon "says".

Fine, Fine men - All worthy of taking a bullet for me.

Driving the light assualt boat with the map full screen I beached the team safely on the shore at our LZ, Success. Everything beyond this moment was just extra.
The men were eager to kill and follow orders. Too eager. The kind of eagerness that has learned me to put an extra Kevlar plate in the back of my Tac vest.

Nevertheless, we ascended the the gentle incline to the first compound. .Net saw fit to do some spawn peaking and eliminated a number of threats, potentially saving the entire Fireteam from certain death. note: Recommending immediate promotion to The Gulag as is The Party policy of zero tolerance towards individual thought.

Radioing Taffybar; we were told to move on and cover A1's advance. (sometime during this helicopters fulfilled their purpose and were remotely detonated).
Like a many-headed beast we ploughed through the enemy, knocking down doors and passing through walls. We regrouped with the, now evidently, far inferior A1 who were getting much needed medical attention (mostly paper cuts, grazed knees and splinters).

At last, We had our HVT location, it was time to pounce. As it turns out, he was in the nicest building at the top of the town. Go figure.

After a short but roaring and awe inspiring speech to the men I turned and charged. Up, up, up the hill I went. The wind hard against my face. Tears, dripping down my cheeks. My mouth dry and throat sore from my continuous battle cry. SNAP!, shot down by an enemy from behind.
It was at this point, staring into the sky, lying on my back, blood soaking my uniform and connecting me to the earth bellow that I realized...I was alone. My "team" had not charged with me. With a faux "gasp" of disbelief that they were not with me and a genuine look of fear that I was still alive to report events they moved heaven and earth to get to my position.

Patched up and back on my feet, good as new, we continued the fight. Suffice to say that in the time it took for us to recover, A1 had cleared the objective. We instead took positions, ready for a possible counter attack that would never rear its ugly head. A wise move.

The evac helicopter landed (which, was not only shocking to see it land safely but that The Party approved funds for an evac at all) and carried us back the Navy fleet.

The entire Fireteam made it and so I executed 2 and wounded another to avoid suspicion.
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Re: [Sun] 30 July 2017 (Helicopter victims)

Post by Lexer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:47 pm

Powered by the magic of R3, here is a representation of the killing shots in each mission:

TH2 Surfs!
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