[Tue] 22 Aug 2017 (Marching Orders)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 22 Aug 2017 (Marching Orders)

Post by Teifiterror » Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:21 am

18 "heroic" party members came and died for the cause. Even the language barrier couldn't stop us quelling the rebellion! Good job everyone, and a special thanks to the nights COs, SLs, and FTLs.

  • Over the Hills and Far Away
  • RLM Part 5
  • Dragnet
  • Partnership
  • HM Secret Sauce
  • Rally Malden

We welcome any feedback for missions as it helps mission makers make things people actually like.

Rejoice comrade! No longer should you fear forgetting the events of missions, as the party keeps excellent records of all instances of friendly-fire glory!

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Re: [Tue] 22 Aug 2017 (Marching Orders)

Post by Thirith » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:16 am

This was the first FA session I joined in years. It's been fun playing with all of you, if only for two missions.

I was held back a bit by having forgotten the exact way FA handles talking (VOIP and TS3), since the majority of Arma games I've played in the last year or so used either ACRE or TFAR; as a result, I had TS3 set to voice activation instead of PTT, so I kept as quiet as possible until I could quickly alt-tab out and set TS3 to PTT.

I enjoyed the two missions - the longer, more drawn out Over the Hills and Far Away and the faster, more brutal RLM Part 5, but I wasn't prepared for the difference it makes when you're not using one of the two main radio mods. I find that with TFAR and ACRE there tends to be more banter, because you can use direct chat more easily (and reliably) to talk to the people around you, without bothering the entire group. FA's reasoning behind going modless makes sense, so this isn't criticism, but when you're used to ACRE or TFAR and the different practices that come with those, the change back to vanilla Arma's VOIP is surprisingly difficult.

One small piece of concrete feedback: in Over the Hills and Far Away some of the combat was over fairly large distances (I'm thinking especially of the approach to objective 1). I was an AT unit and my gun's sights were clearly made for engaging enemies that are at most a couple of hundred metres away, yet at times I was engaging enemies that were a handful of pixels high. Not sure how realistic it would be to make sure that everybody has scopes that extend their range at least somewhat, but it's something I would appreciate.
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Re: [Tue] 22 Aug 2017 (Marching Orders)

Post by Lexer » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:27 am

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