[Tue] 19 Sept 2017 (Drivers Require Update)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 19 Sept 2017 (Drivers Require Update)

Post by Costno » Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:58 pm

19 people came out, and demonstrated some above average competence in a couple missions and some below average competence in others.

I want to remind everyone that all vehicles are important assets, and, this being arma, extremely fragile. Your team leader will tell you who is driving the vehicle, do not drive a vehicle unless you are told to by your direct team leader. If you are not comfortable driving a vehicle, just tell your team leader. A single crash can ruin the experience of a dozen other players. If you are the driver, maintain safe driving distances greater than what you would use in real life, in Arma we see a lot of rubberbanding up to ~50m, which can lead to rapid death. Furthermore, even low speed collisions can lead to dramatic backflips with the power of PhysX. So if your FTL or SL tells you to get in a vehicle, use it carefully. Drive Safe.

We ran:
We strongly welcome any feedback for missions as it helps us mission makers make things people actually like. The best place for feedback is in the completed mission threads which I've linked to in the run list.

Rejoice comrade! No longer should you fear forgetting the events of missions, as the party keeps excellent records of all instances of friendly-fire glory!
FTL - "So...? Do we have any plan?"
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Re: [Tue] 19 Aug 2017 (Drivers Require Update)

Post by DirtyHarry » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:49 am

Mission:Rainbow Bridge
Role: Auto Rifleman
TL;DR: Here we come!; Here we die...

Rainbow Bridge? more like Rainbow road. Our orders were to rescue someone using a coms system I should have paid more attention to. Alas, SK was my FTL and I feared not that he would succumb to mere bullets (spoiler: he later dies in a hale of bullets). Being 2nd in command I had no worries about having to take over coms.

Anticipating a fast paced mission, SK used his potato grade laptop to reduce his frame rate down to power-point presentation. This allowed him to better absorb the situation and deal with the ever winding roads.

As we set off, Top brass gave us our ROE which was as follows: Fire at will, turn on you're wipers and mow down anything that casts a shadow.

Mid way to the objective we came across a squad of armed men blocking our way. Logic dictates that if we are the only good guys in the area with guns and these guys are not us (but also have guns) then they are perhaps the bad guys. Despite my protests, SK ignored my plight and carried on to get a closer look. Sure enough, we were greeted with bullets, bad language and Justin Bieber.
Eventually, we veered off to the side of the road behind cover and returned fire, polite discourse and Selena Gomez. "Job done" I thought, however, Command was less pleased that we survived and asked us to please continue to the next obvious ambush.

We did, many died (records since burned) although this time Sk put his wipers on and put the pedal to the metal. At this point, I turned up the music to drown out the sounds of screams of terror over the coms. We had a mission to get to dammit.

Maybe it was the dense jungle, maybe it was the open top car, maybe it was the fact they knew were coming. It doesn't matter. We were shredded quicker than kitten in a dog pen full of angry, angry dogs.

10/10 would get shredded again.

Mission:Jungle Boogie
Role: FTL
TL;DR: I hope its not set to pitch dark; It isn't.

This was quite a nice mission. We were fast, hard and combed through he jungle like we were searching nits. I shot Costno at the end. Sorry.

Mission:RLM pt6
Role: CTRG
TL;DR: Sneaky sneaky; Boomy, Boomy.

I chose special forces because I like to feel important, needed...depended on. Big mistake.

We had all the right hardware: scopes, silencers, flapjacks. We just didn't have the CPU power behind it to take advantage.

It started off OK, however, I was certain Command wanted us dead as our LZ was essentially the killzone for the enemies firing range and so we parked up about 100m away.
From here we advanced across, sneaky, sneaky-like until we came across our first group of contacts. Shado went down without a sound. SK and Flying Hat formed up and we swept across the tiny island.

Our job was to destroy the power generator to allow the rest of the team to arrive by helicopter, but the Bunker; The bunker was everything at that point. For whatever reason we decided that the bunker was the place to be, where all the cool kids go.
After a short while and much complaining from Top Brass, SK disabled the power generator so that the others could land.

Again, Top brass initially wanted to land in a hot LZ but this time they decided against it and landed behind the safety of 3 SF's. SK died.

Proceeding on mission we were given the important task of baby sitting the boats we arrived on only to be asked to come to the aid of everyone else once 60%-75% of them had died.

Once Flying and I were regrouped we were ordered to head to point A, then B, then A then C again before deciding that we had been punished enough and could actually continue on mission. Which we did, with ease. Regrouping with Xenon, we cleared the Airfield and I shot Red Paddy (reasons to be disclosed at a later date).

We freed some all of the hostages and mission was deemed a success.
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Re: [Tue] 19 Aug 2017 (Drivers Require Update)

Post by SuicideKing » Thu Sep 21, 2017 10:04 am

Anticipating a fast paced mission, SK used his potato grade laptop to reduce his frame rate down to power-point presentation. This allowed him to better absorb the situation and deal with the ever winding roads.
Made me laugh :D

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