[Tue] 03 October 2017 (Scope Worshipers)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 03 October 2017 (Scope Worshipers)

Post by Teifiterror » Tue Oct 03, 2017 8:35 pm

Tonight, 22 brave chaps showed up to show us many new and innovative ways to suffer our playlist included:
  • Intel Inside
  • Overrun
  • Shield and Sword
  • Communication Breakdown
  • RLM Part 1
  • RLM Part 2
  • Shipping Problems
As always, comments are most welcome below. Also, if you have a nice story be sure to tell it. Videos are always much appreciated, and will be appropriated by our propaganda departement if you tell us about them.

Check out the replays here. The Party sees everything, comrade. :cop: http://server.folkarps.com/r3/

Did you notice that some vehicles/players had way cool FA Tractors on them tonight? That's because of the power of our squad tags. Get yours whilst stocks last.

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Re: [Tue] 03 October 2017 (Scope Worshipers)

Post by NikkoJT » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:05 pm

Intel Inside (CO)

As the CO, I bravely ordered Alpha to assault the enemy while I sat on a hill with the big guns and watched. Good times. I shot a NATO!

Overrun (A2 AR)

A2 got a nice building to defend. I had a balcony with a scenic view and no solid cover.
As soon as we spotted the enemy, we were engaged from two angles. I carefully peeked out of the door to get a shot in, and was immediately shot in the head.
Luckily, my sacrifice was not in vain.

(it was entirely in vain)

Shield and Sword (FOX3 Gunner)

FOX3 galloped magnificently through the gentle hills of southern Altis, disabling many enemy tanks but graciously leaving the final blow for our friends.
Eventually, we were brought down by a NATO Terminator flanker which shot us right in the butt. However, our contributions had carried the rest of the AAF force most of the way to victory, and we won shortly afterwards.

Communication Breakdown (A1 AR)

Our helicopter pilot swooped us in for a lovely hovering insertion. We carefully got out of the aircraft in sequence to avoid sudden weight changes - but it was all for nothing as the pilot cocked it up almost immediately, sending most of the fireteam rolling down the hill in a burning helicopter.

RLM Part 1 (ASL)

Our squad was very unexpectedly ambushed upon landing in the AO. Fortunately, we only lost most of A2 while defending our position, and were able to push on and secure our objective. Without any scopes or suppressors.
Pickers was mysteriously shot in the back of the head with a .338 round while walking across our MMG's line of fire. The world may never know what really happened.

RLM Part 2 (Gendarmerie)

Dressed in very smart blue outfits, me and a few other trustworthy Gendarmes went to [REDACTED] our NATO comrades as the RLM attacked them. We were easily able to [REDACTED] all of them, leading to a complete mission [REDACTED].
FA missions & session host. Tank appreciater.

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