[Tue] 17 Oct 2017 (Proper Bollocking)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 17 Oct 2017 (Proper Bollocking)

Post by Netkev » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:34 pm

Another Tuesday, another 15 stories about the power of friendship. Despite our best efforts I'd say we did rather well. Kas and IceRaiser even survived one of our missions to tell the tale! Incredible what we can do if we put our minds to it it is.

Runlist: Remember to check out our lovely audio-visual information registry over at this here place!

As well as that there is of course our good friend theR3 Mission Replay Sysetm, which knows if you've been bad or if you've been nice. The recordings themselves are really freaking neat-o and demonstrate just how easy it is not to see someone wearing camouflage.

There is also the permanently existent Leadership Programme which is just a fancy way of saying that if you want to, you can contact one of the hosts so we can enable one of your fun ideas. That is, as long as your idea of fun is leading a particular mission in a particular way.

And if you want to be recognizably folk-y and have the little tractor on your shoulder or on the side of your tank then you can sign up on the squad tag whotsit today! It's totally free!

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Re: [Tue] 17 Oct 2017 (Proper Bollocking)

Post by Flying » Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:13 am

Kore Principles: Hung out with cool dudes in A1 as Alpha medic, did my job, shot at dudes, ate some bullets and GMG rounds.

Influenza Outpost: Second time running this as Loadmaster. Just as with the first time, the first pickup went surprisingly well. The second pod was a disaster the second the Taru rubbed up against it.

Training Day: Beware of counterfeit technical teams, friends. Nikko and I bravely held off waves of enemies from our friendlies' flanks, using up all the ammunition in two technical trucks to save the day.

Vatukoulo: Lexer and I set up our IEDs, waited, and then our comrades got ratted out by civilians up ahead of us. I picked up a Mk200 dropped by someone, then got shot in the back of the head when I stopped to check on Lexer.

HSLD: I was out by the time this happened. I think we all know how this went though.

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