[Tue] 31 Oct 2017 (Tricking & Treating)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 31 Oct 2017 (Tricking & Treating)

Post by Lexer » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:53 pm

Thank you to the 12 brave comrades who played this evening despite my inexperienced hosting. First we rescued some hostage from a fog shrouded town (one from the land of the upright and breathing). Then a CSAT VIP was super sneaky while NATO stared down the impinging darkness. The Gendarmes then managed to evade pursuit for long enough to escape from a hostile part of Tanoa, all the while denying the enemy valuable supply caches. NATO then rescued an ambushed TAF & IDAP medical convoy, before getting lost in the jungle and having to be retrieved by a NATO SAR team. Finally, Gendarmes and Syndikat stumbled around on Yasa island trying to scare each of with flare guns (and maybe a few bullets thrown in there for good measure).

Missions: Afterparty: Be sure to check out the R3 Mission Replay System where all of tonights missions have been faithfully recorded, and can be relived over-and-over again for years to come.

Also leave any feedback for our wonderful mission makers in the appropriate forum thread, or #mission_feedback on DIscord.

Notice some people had fancy Folk ARPS badges on their arms and vehicles. Get yours today! Also talk to a host today to get one on TS as well!
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