[Tue] 30 Jan 2018 (Of IFVs and Helicopter Crashes)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 30 Jan 2018 (Of IFVs and Helicopter Crashes)

Post by Lexer » Tue Jan 30, 2018 11:06 pm

18 brave comrades joined up tonight for many an explosion. First we took some IFVs across some water (there advanced boats, see) and got them blown up. Then we flew by our instruments through some supernatural fog containing unexpected flying debris. Unfortunately, for Netkev, his instruments didn't have an 'Ifrit' panel. Then we flew into a flu-infested compound (more explosions may have ensued) and where then foiled by ARMA's awful wonderful physics engine. Then our boats went ahead of their armour and met a very generous (with bullets) HMG. Finally, BLUFOR out ran INDFOR in a race to find a backpack.

Be sure to check out the R3 Mission Replay System where all of tonights missions have been faithfully recorded, and can be relived over-and-over again for years to come.

Also leave any feedback for our wonderful mission makers in the appropriate forum thread, or #mission_feedback on DIscord.

Notice some people had fancy Folk ARPS patches on their arms and vehicles. Get yours today! Also talk to a host today to get one on TS as well!

And speaking of patches, you can get one in real life with the 2017 Morale Patch! Funds go towards keeping the server running and, taking a cue from BI, the UNHCR. Get yours today!
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