[Tue] 14 August 2018 (All Terrain Raiders)

How we died (in the future)
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[Tue] 14 August 2018 (All Terrain Raiders)

Post by Lexer » Tue Aug 14, 2018 9:16 pm

11 brave comrades joined us for this rather cosy night of death and destruction. We initially assaulted a resort to assassinate bring to his senses a man with a terrible sense of style. We then became tank crew and successfully held out against a horde of (slightly suicidal and possibly drunk) CSAT. It was then to the high seas with us, where we became raiders and successfully pillaged to CSAT-held islands with/despite the help of some overzealous naval guns. Finally we tried to lay an ambush for some helicopters (who decided they liked the ground more anyway), missed, were saved by some lost AAF Nyx (nyxes? nyxii?), and very nearly got the data home before being overwhelmed by NATO.


Be sure to check out the R3 Mission Replay System where all of tonights missions have been faithfully recorded, and can be relived over-and-over again for years to come.

Also leave any feedback for our wonderful mission makers in the appropriate forum thread, or #mission_feedback on DIscord.

Notice some people had fancy Folk ARPS patches on their arms and vehicles. Get yours today! Also talk to a host today to get one on TS as well!
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